French tPFers - I need your help: Anybody know this band???

  1. I was switching through the channels a couple of days ago and got stuck on a french one: TV5

    There was this, ummm, rather unique, band :p

    The male singer wore lots of make-up, strappy high heels and golden micro shorts (think Kylie in Spinning Around :sweatdrop:)

    I didn't catch their name, but they seemed like a lot of fun.

    So if anybody knows who I'm talking about PLEASE let me know :nuts:

    (I tried google, but French band with singer in high heels didn't really work :shame:smile:
  2. Do you remember any of the lyrics? What was the video about? I assume they sang in French?
  3. lol^^

    Sounds like a great band :p

  4. I don't remember any of the lyrics since my french really sucks :p .... it wasn't a video either, but a TV show gig, they were just performing ... I would say their music was some kind of weird rock/pop/indie stuff

  5. I wish I could help....but no I don´t see. I watch TV5 sometimes, could the band be from Belgium, or Canada or Switzerland ??
    Maybe you remember the name of the show, or the day and time and I can search from there ??
  6. Do you remember day and time? Here's the tv shedule, maybe a french tPF member can help if they know the show...?

  7. to be honest, I have no clue :sweatdrop: :push:

    I've seen them 2-3 times so far on that channel though. If they come up again, I'll try to remember more details
  8. Hey, I think you are talking about KATERINE (also known as Philippe Katerine) check it out !!!
  9. Yes! It's katerine!
    "J'adooooooooore regarder danser les gens!"

    I loooooove watching people dance!
  10. Katerine reminds me Scissor sisters.