French Speedy B Ebene owners

  1. I am planning a trip to Paris in a couple of weeks and want to buy the Speedy b ebene.

    I was wondering if the Speedies B bought in France have the same quality issues then the ones purchased in North America? (the gaps with the Zipper, the different color of the gold
    In the Zipper and the gold on the strap, the new tag stating made of imported materials...)

    If one of you are French and own a speedy b ebene, can you please check your bag please?

    Thank you
  2. I have never seen a tag stating "made of imported materials" on any Louis Vuitton bag made in france. About the other issues.. if you could please be a little more specific..
  3. Hi Brian, the new bags sold in the USA do not have the stamp: LOUIS VUITTON PARIS Made in France. They have LOUIS VUITTON PARIS and inside there is a cloth tag saying made of imported materials. As for the little details concerning the quality, some TPFers had showed that the zipper ends are a bit short, so there is a little space where you can see the red lining of the bag. Also the gold hardware are different colors on the bag, the staps and the rings for the straps to be hooked. I was wondering if the french version of the bag has the same issues. If yes, I might as well get it here so I don't have to go thru duty at the airport.
  4. I checked a new speedy at the store. The zipper was not short at all but if one really looks for it one will notice a very very small gap (less that 1cm) when inspected up close. The colour of the hardware was uniform, but i noticed that they were not all the same alloy which means that as the bag ages the various alloys will age diferently resulting in different shades of gold. The reason for using different alloys is because each part will have to sustain different degrees of pressure and withstand the test of time.
  5. Thank you Brian. This reassures me a lot.
  6. I just posted some detail pics of my new speedy b. The hardware is different colours. I will post a new thread with lots of mod pics and close-ups for you.
  7. Thank u :smile: can't wait to see the pics. Congrats on the ur new speedy
  8. Does it have the made in France stamp?
  9. Yes. I live in Holland :smile:

    I did a reveal a few days ago called "reveal and dilemma" that has some hardware close-ups
  10. Ok just saw ur reveal and dilemma. So the only difference between the USA bags and the French bags is the stamp. It does not bother me so I might as well get it here in Canada and not bother with customs on my trip back from Europe. Thanks
  11. The prices can be quite different though. I know my Alma PM was 1000 euro and is almost 2000 USD. I'd consider that a good reason for purchasing abroad ;) But for the rest, I think they're all comparable. Good luck deciding! Can't wait to see what you get (and where)