French Speedy 35

  1. Is it my imagination or is the French made Speedy 35 a little smaller than the American made one?
  2. Welcome! Do you have pictures to compare?
  3. No.....I don't. Sorry.
  4. Sorry, I misread your post - thought you meant French Co! Sorry I can't be of help, all of my Speedy bags are made in France, except for the French Co one.
  5. And does anyone know where the factories are in the USA and who does the cutting and sewing of materials? Americans or French?
  6. Question for Colts Fan 86.....

    Do you buy your bags in the USA or in France? I know that the USA stores have both the USA and French made bags. Do you ask specifically for the French made ones?
  7. Only one was purchased in the boutique - the Cerises. The remaining mono bags were purchased via private transaction, or on eBay (the French Co 30). I don't think the boutiques here receive many French made bags in the classic styles (Speedy, Bucket, Alma) since production began here in the US to better meet demand. You might call around to several boutiques if you really want a French made bag.
  8. Thanks for the info, Colts Fan 86! Have a nice day!