French Sole/London Sole Ballet Flats

  1. I am a huge fan of these ballet flats. I have oodles of pairs of the pirouette style, which I adore because of the lowcut toe.

    Now I see they offer the Henrietta style with even a lower cut toe. (I admit that I like a bit of toe cleavage.) Has anyone given the Henriettas a try? I just ordered these two pair this morning. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Those are cute!

    I have two pair of French Sole flats and love them!
  3. So cute! I like low cut flats, as well. I am short and I think they are more flattering. I'll have to try these out. Thanks!
  4. French Sole flats are my favorite. They have a store here [in nyc] that's literally wall to ceiling shoeboxes and therefore, so much fun!!!

    I have four pairs of their shoes but I'm curious: what's the relationship between French Sole and London Sole?
  5. Please post a pix of them on your foot when you get them. I think they're adorable!!
  6. Very cute- I like them
  7. I think they are the same company!
  8. I don't think they are the same company at all...French Sole, from what I understand, came first.
  9. If you read the "about" page on both websites, it looks like the same designer was involved with both companies.
  10. Update:

    London Sole called me and left a message that there was aproblem with my order. I called back and spoke to a really nice girl a the Santa Monica store. She thought they were out of my size in the turquoise Henrietta (but when she looked again she found it).

    She said the Henrietta is the updated version of the Pirouette with a lower cut toe, plus it comes in 1/2 Euro sizes. It is sized slightly larger than the Pirouette, so she advised me to only go up 1/2 size instead of a full size. I'm a size 7, so she had me order 37.5. I hope to find them in the mail in the next day or two.

    (The Hariett, by the way, is the updated version of the Simple - they both do not have left/right. I've never tried them because the toe is cut much higher than the Pirouettes).

    Also, I DEFINITELY got the impression that French Sole/London Sole are the SAME company. The sales girl even mentioned that French Sole has a large warehouse in Europe and London Sole is building a warehouse here in the States.
  11. So if you order these and they don't fit, what do you do? Can you send them back for ones that do?
  12. I received my order yesterday. Like I said previously, I have several pairs of the Pirouettes, but I wanted to give their new style, Henrietta, a try. They are ADORABLE!!!

    The Henriettas have a much lower cut toe. There is just enough there to keep them on. We're talking SERIOUS toe cleavage - which I think is both cute and sexy.

    The fit in terms of length is perfect if you order 1/2 European size up. So I am a size 7, which is a 37.5 in Henrietta (but a 38 in Pirouette). The heel, however, is too wide, so my heel slips out. These shoes are so low cut all the way around that there isn't much shoe to hug your foot. I think I will try heel grips.

    London Soles are shipped from Santa Monica, California. Returning them is just like any other mail order company (i.e. Saks, NM, Nordstrom, etc).
  13. Well... I just placed an order with French Sole and I got a really confusing email:

    "You have agreed to the terms and conditions stated on the French Sole website 30/03/07.

    As stated we do not trade in the US. French Sole is a european trade mark and is the ORIGINAL French Sole.
    You have agreed under the terms and conditions to have your order completed by Jane Winkworth Ballerinas.
    You may contact Jane Winkworth Ballerinas at and quote your order number, or call 360-226-7837, please leave a message stating your name clearly if you do not get through to an opperator.

    If you are a customer of French Sole outside of the US but have inputted your details incorrectly please contact us on 44 1189 8888 00 or email"

    Has anyone from the US ordered from French Sole? What's the deal?
  14. Ok, apparently if you live in the US and you order from French Sole they send you that email.

    They still fill the order, they just have to send the email. Or rather, they don't fill it and some other company does. I guess it's just a legal thing.

    Yay supposively my French Soles are on their way!
  15. I bought a pair of the plain black Hariett style a few months ago and they too are very low cut (maybe even lower than Henrietta).

    Here is a side by side of both (from the french sole website).





    I can take pics of mine on if need be for a comparison.

    Either way, they're both too cute for words.