French Sole, French Sole NY

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  1. What are the differences between these companies?

    I "googled" French Sole today because I saw a pair at Nordstrom last night that I fell in love with. I had no idea that there were two different French Sole companies - one at and the other at One is apparently based in London and the other in New York. They seem like different companies despite similar names. Who was the original?
  2. I would love to know the answer to this too... anyone have any information? :smile:

  3. I think the original was based in London. They have two stores in Manhattan, one is the regular store and the other one is their outlet store. To be honest I bought a pair and I wasn't overly impressed with the quality. There are no shoes under $140 and the soles are plastic. There is another company called that seem to have really nice flats too, however I am not sure of the quality.
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