French Sole Ballet Flats -- highly recommend!!

  1. For those of you searching for a great ballet flat, I highly recommend French Sole. I just got my first pair in pink. The leather is unbelievably soft, and although I haven't walked too far in them, I can tell that they'll be super comfortable!

    Plus, they're reasonably priced at $150. I think they're a great alternative to the recognizable "it" brands like Tory Burch Reva flats.

    My favorite is called "Pearl"

    Anyone else a big fan of French Sole?
  2. funny you start this thread because i was have been really thinking about french soles...i think i might go for it...i found a leopard pr i adore and i am think i need
  3. I have a pair of London Soles (which I think is the same company as French Sole?) and they're pretty comfy. I tend to prefer Lanvin flats though cause London Soles have a weird shaped cushiony bottom. But I agree, for that price they're great!
  4. Does the back rub against your heel a lot? I want ballet flats but it seems that I get blisters because the back of the shoe is too high. Yours are so pretty!
  5. Not at all. It's really flexible, soft leather. It won't rub against you at all. I notice also that the sizing is ever so slightly off -- very marginal. They seem to run a tiny bit bigger -- I'm a size 6, and while the flats fit, a heel insert helps them stay on better and also prevents rubbing.
  6. french sole flats are great and classic. they are a tiny bit over priced though imo
  7. I love French Sole shoes--they are incredibly comfortable, and you can find them on sale.
  8. Thanks IntlSet!
  9. I think the London Soles Henriettas are without a doubt the cutest ballet flats on the market. They come in dozens of color and finishes, and best of all, they are super low-cut. We're talking major toe cleavage! (Which I happen to like, recognizing that many people don't).

    The problem that I have is that because of the low cut, there is no structure to keep my heel from slipping. I probably have six pairs of these shoes which I refuse to wear outside. In fact, the only time I wear them is when we are entertaining at home and I don't need to walk. They're that annoying...which makes me sad because they are so adorable.

    There are many other LS flats with higher cuts that I suspect would stay on my feet better, but I don't think they are nearly as cute.
  10. ^^^
    Can you put a heel insert into the London Soles?

    Sigerson Morrison makes very low cut ballet flats also, you should look into those if you have not already.
  11. I love French Sole! They are super comfortable and look a little more polished than my Repettos, which are definitely a young, super casual ballet flat. The FS are more classic. I have a pair of red patent ones that I get tons of complements on, and I really want black.
  12. OP -so glad you started this thread - I have a pair of Delman ballet slippers that fit me really well, but I was looking at some on the Londonsole website and wondered how they fit - I really want some leopard ones. Does anyone know how they fit compared to Delman?
  13. do u guys wear some sort of stocking/small socks with these? For me some reason most ballet flats dont "air" well and sorry its kinda gross but they make my feet sweat! and they r all very lower cut so its hard to find little socks that wont show. Am i the only one? I usually dont have this prob with other shoes/pumps....:sweatdrop:
  14. A US size 6 is a French Sole size 37. They run about one size small.

    If you're a true 6 like me, you'll find that the 37 is just a tiny bit too large, but with a very slim heel insert, it's no problem at all (a thicker insert won't work because the difference really is very minimal). The next size down would be too small.

    Also, I'm not sure what Delmans you have (I have lots of Delman shoes also) but these will definitely be less structured than the Delman shoes, and you'll find them an easier fit.
  15. If you're talking about the socks that just sort of cover your toes and heel and not much less, then no, they won't show through. These shoes are cut quite modestly.

    Also, the leather is very fine and thin -- I don't think you'll have as much of a problem with your feet sweating in these shoes as you do in other ballet flats that have a thicker leather.