French Sizing vs. Italian

  1. Does French clothing run smaller than the Italian equivalent? And how about French vs American sizing? I need a point of reference! Just asking because I got Chloe coat (French) in a 36 which is a US equivalent to a 4 and I've never been a 4, usually a 0 or 2 (wider shoulders). I'm just trying to figure out whether I fooled myself into thinking that I fit into this or if this is actually my size!
  2. Hi! I am from Italy! :smile:
    Our sizes for dresses are:
    Up to 46 is "taglie forti" - I don't know if you have something like that.

    I can tell you italian size/H&M size because I don't know if H&M size is european or what :confused1:

    italian h&m
    38 34
    40 36
    42 38
    44 40
    46 42

    We have these sizes for coats, jeans, thousands and skirts.
    For tshirt we usually have small/medium/large. Some firms has also x-small. We don't have normally x-large.

    If you need further infos just ask! :smile:
  3. As we don't have a 36 I guess you had a french size that is like an italian 40!
  4. Ok great-and an italian 40 is equivalent to what in america, do you know?
  5. french clothing runs the smallest, and american clothing runs the largest.

    it is typical for a woman to go up a size or two in european clothing since american designers are all about vanity sizing.

    as with shoes, you can never be positive of how a size translates without trying it on. the sizes vary from designer to designer.
  6. Thank you both very much. This makes me feel a bit better. Because I thought that the 36 seemed to look decent and now that you say French clothing runs small, maybe then I'm not deranged in my sizing perspective!
  7. here is the sizing chart that I use
  8. Oh, no! You shouldn't worry at all!!
    Italian size 40 had a big change in the last years!! Consider that some years ago models has a 42 (so a size bigger than 40!!!) and now they have a 38 (yes, italian 38!). As models are too unhealty thin, I assure that your size is normal and your cloth is just too little size!
    I mean, most of italian girls are very thin and they usually wear an italian 42 or 44. So don't worry!! :yes:
  9. I am size US 2, Italian 38 or French 34.
  10. I am U.S 0/2 and French 36 in Chanel. It freaked me out at first thinking that I have gained so much weight.:amazed:
  11. Actually, some Italian labels do have size 36, ie Dolce & Gabbana.

    French sizing is equal to European sizing

    Italian 36 = French 32 (yes, that also exists, but hard to find)
    Italian 38 = French 34
    Italian 40 = French 36
    Italian 42 = French 38
    Italian 44 = French 40
    Italian 46 = French 42

    But it does vary depending on the brand. And wider shoulders and larger chests, depending on the style, can mean going up a size.

    Your Chloe jacket seems like it would be the right size for you, but there is so much variation in sizing due to the style that you may want to try out the 34. If this is a fitted jacket, then I would say 36 is about right.

    It is difficult to compare with American sizing because so many brands use vanity sizing so a 0 is different across brands. Contemporary brands (DVF, BCBG, etc.) tend to run smaller than mass market brands (GAP, Ann Taylor, J Crew, etc.).

  12. One thing to keep in mind about model sizing is that models are tall and long boned, so they always wear larger sizes than what you'd expect. So, it's best not to use models as approximation for what you should wear.
  13. I'm sure they wear an italian 38 because there was a lot of mess here in Italy during Milan fashion week saying they were too skinny bad example etc and I totally agree!
  14. I take 42 in Italian and 38-40 in French sizing.