French REPETTO Ballet Flats $64.50, $78.75, $86.25 (orig $220)


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Aug 13, 2007
After searching almost everywhere for these flats...I finally stumbled upon some that are on sale!! They don't have the products shown online, so they were nice enough to email me pictures of the flats that are on sale! I just thought I'd share with you ladies!

They accept phone orders and do ship to other states!!! :yahoo::tup:

I just purchased a pair of these!! They still have them left in a 37, 39, and 38.5 (I to double check). I'm so excited!! These are so hard to find in the US; I was almost going to make my European friend ship some over from Paris! My friends say that they're as comfy as Lanvins!

Repetto Mary-Jane Copper Flats $78.75 (was $220)

Repetto suede multicolor flat $86.25 (these colors are so fun for the summer)

Repetto nude ballet flats $64.50



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Aug 13, 2007
Sorry!! For some strange reason, the pictures worked on my laptop. Now I'm on a different laptop and the pictures aren't showing up too!! Weird...

Here are some links to the shoes from the Repetto website:
$78.75 (in a metallic color)
$64.50 (same exact color...sorry can't find a bigger pic of it)
$86.25 (same exact color... I :heart: this!!! Its so cute for the summer!)


May 17, 2008
Boston, MA
haha right it's from last summer
and i got the pair i wanted but the size runs smaller
i usually wear 7.5 but the 8 i got are too small for me


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Jan 19, 2009
I tried calling to order, does it usually go straight to a (full) voicemail? Anyone have success putting in an order? These would be cute :smile: