French Purse -- which line/color?

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  1. So I've decided to get myself an LV wallet, and I want something compact. I checked out a few at the boutique today, and I really liked the French Purse.

    Now, my dilemma -- which line/shade should I get? I want something fun/bright, but I'm not much of a MC girl. I was thinking the Vernis in Perle -- would it get dirty very fast? I'm drooling over the Framboise Vernis French Purse also, but I want to get an agenda in that same shade -- would that be too much?

    What about the Azur Frech Purse? AHHH my mind is going crazy! Give me some suggestions, please! :heart:
  2. i have a black mc french purse and i really liked it. the french purse in pomme is gorgeous! for me personally, i'd be hesitant with azur. but i just have an overall fear of light colored bags/accessories.
  3. I'd pick the Azur. The perle vernis will yellow over time, and it doesn't have the 8 CC slots that the damier/mono ones I'd go with that one.
  4. I just got my pomme french purse and love it. I posted pics in this thread (page 3):

    and Emily K's pics of her Framboise French Purse are in there too.

    Talked to my SA about vernis in Pearle and she said that she had the multicles in perle and expereinced really bad color transfer. She highly discouraged any of us to get one in that color.

    By the way, I also wanted the french purse in Framboise but also have the Agenda in Framboise. When I put them together it was a bit much and in a rush it would be hard to distinguish the two in my purse. I'll take pics of the Pomme French Purse side by side with the Framboise agenda tomorrow fo you.

    Let us know what you choose!
  5. ^^^ thats gorgeous, i say pomme or framboise vernis!
  6. rileygirl, I'm so disappointed to hear about Perle! When I saw it in person, it seriously SPARKLED! It's so gorgeous. I went to go check out your Pomme French Purse -- it's BEAUTIFUL! I'm definitely leaning towards a Vernis.

    Karman, thanks for the info! I didn't know the mono/damier had 8 CC slots and the Vernis only has 4! I wonder why they're like that? This makes me think that Azur might be more functional for me, but I'll have to see in person whether it really pops out to me.

    caley, I'm a little weary of light-coloured ones, too, but I still LOVE them. I just love white, but I'll probably take your advice and steer clear of light-coloured ones since a wallet is something I'll be constantly touching!
  7. Peach, I love my pomme but I am having a very difficult time with the lack of CC slots. Trying hard to figure out how to deal with the lack of space. Also, I've been talking to EmilyK because I've only been using mine a short while and the inside has some scuff marks and a small scratch on the outside. I purchased a lesportsac pouch to keep my wallet in (see pic it also shows how many little things I need to carry for card overflow). Last thing, I also looked at the Noisette French Purse. It was pretty but paled in comparison to the Framboise and Pomme. If you're leaning toward the Framboise hurry and get is since the color has been discontinued.

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  8. azur would be a fresh lovely choice!! :yes:
    i have an agenda in perle vernis.. since last august.. its like new with daily use (except my secret is that i throw it in my bag after i put it inside its dust bag) which i dont think its very handy for a wallet usage to be thrown in a dustbag each time :confused1:
  9. vanilla_addict, it's so high-maintenance, but SO pretty! Maybe I'll get the agenda in Perle, then. I want the Framboise agenda, but if I get the shade for the French Purse, then perhaps some variety would be nice. Thanks for sharing your secret!

    rileygirl, I knew about colour transfer, but it's also prone to scratches, too? Did this happen quickly with EmilyK's French Purse as well? Oh, and yes, the boutique I went to was out of the Framboise French Purse, but they found another nearby boutique who had them in stock. I'm checking it out tomorrow! The lack of CC slots bother me as well, since I use 6 in my current wallet, and I could always use more. Maybe I sould get monogram, then, (I'm not too fond of Damier, though the Azur is gorgeous) but I was hoping for some bright/fun accessory!
  10. although vernis pomme french purse has 4 cc but u can put the extra cc inside the coin compartment, i saw some one put the extra card like that. Or may b put the extra cc at the slots behind the 4 cc. pomme french purse is HOT and nice, i also love it...:P
  11. Dear Rileygirl,

    Is it easy to get scratches on pomme vernis french purse ? I also consider this wallet because it is really HOT and pretty :drool: any one knows this ? please leave feedback or comment here, thanks.....
  12. i'd get the mono or azur for functionality - more cc slots and fairly low maintenance :smile:
  13. I don't have a vernis french purse, but I do have the pomme vernis cles which I used to use almost daily when I went to school. I hold cards inside with keys outside, and I put it in the back pocket of my backpack and there are no scratches on the vernis. There are small pinhead-sized indentations, probably from one of the keys, but it's nothing serious and you can't really tell it's there unless you look at it under bright light.
  14. Dear Karman,

    Thanks for telling.... By the way, any color transfer easy on your pomme vernis cles ? I just went to LV this afternoon to see the pomme cles and key holder pomme but I am still considering... really HOT the color!!!! :heart:
  15. And a little more low-key, too. I'm going to check out the Mono and Azur, too, before deciding (poor SA). I do want at least one piece of bright accessory, though, so maybe an agenda in Framboise!

    tryagain, thanks for the tip! I don't (like to ) carry around a bunch of coins, so that would be a great place to put extra cards!