French Purse Wallet: Do you like it? How well does MC hold up?

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  1. So...instead of getting a new Louis handbag for my birthday, I was thinking of getting a new wallet since my old Coach one has a big ink stain on it (where a pen busted in my purse) and another random ink mark across the front (no idea where it came from!).

    So I've been thinking about maybe getting the French Purse in white MC since I would figure it would eliminate the use of my Ludlow, that I could later sell.

    How many of you have the French Purse? Do you like it? Are you able to fit all of your change in the change compartment? Is it worth the price???

    And also, how does the MC hold up? Is it prone to color transfer? I've never had an MC piece, so I dunno!

    In case you don't know what the French Purse is, here:


  2. I just bought the Pomme Vernis French Purse and have been using her for less than a week. She is a beauty! I have some issues with mine: the interior seems to scuff easily, not enough cc slots (only 4 in the vernis), and the corners aren't very structured and kinda bend in my bag. The coin part is huge though and holds all of my coins.

    I think the MC is pretty but don't don't know much about it. Hope you find something that works!!!
  3. Thank you!!

    I'm in between the French Purse and the PTI in MC. The PTI is cheaper by a good bit and would definitely hold more, but I'm not used to having such a large wallet. The current wallet I have is around the size of the FP and...Argh, IDK!!!

    My mom has the PTI in black Epi and I absolutely adore it, lol. IDK what to do!
  4. I went to LV multiple times and hung out there each time a long time and looked at all the wallets. I had a real hard time deciding. My other LV wallet is the Wallet with Zip and it is much more functional than the French Purse I just bought.

    Have you looked at the Koala? Similar, more space, but costs a tad more. I had it narrowed down between the two.

    It is sucha hard decision to make, esp. when they cost the same as a smal bag!

    Good luck!!!
  5. i have the azur french purse and i love it...the coin compartment is roomy though sometimes it's hard to put back bills especially when it's full (in my case that is really not often :roflmfao:)

    perfect size for my hands too :yes: my french purse also have 8 credit card compartments. :smile:
  6. I do like the Koala wallet but the only thing that kind of bugs me is that the coin compartment is a small zipped thing in the back and I can't deal with that since we use Euros and our 1 and 2 EUR are coins and they're used often.

    I pretty much do need a wallet that's got a roomy coin and bill compartment because it's pretty annoying when I'm paying for things to say "Wait a minute, I've got change!!" and then to have to dig around in my bag for my ludlow :sad:

    It is sad that these wallets are as expensive as some bags, but I dunno what other kind of wallets are out there! I have yet to find another wallet that I like (other than the one I have now) :sad:
  7. I want this french purse in mc white SO bad! I am thinking about getting it next Christmas. I just bought a great Burberry wallet that was a lot more reasonable but I am in lovvve with the french purse. It's my dream wallet. Like you....I find it hard to spend that kind of money on a wallet though. For 700 I would rather buy another speedy!
  8. By the way I just read your story about the birth of your little girl....congratulations! She is beautiful. Enjoy her - I have three and they are already growing up before my eyes!:sad:
  9. I :heart: the Framboise French purse the most
  10. I have the monogram French Purse and I really love it. It is the perfect size, for carrying by itself. I don't carry too many coins, so I've never had problems with not enough room. However, the bills (US) fall way down as the slot is very deep, not too crazy about that.

    I agree with Rileygirl though, the corners do bend a little after a while. I'm thinking of replacing it with a Suhali with the metal corners. Sorry, I don't have anything in the MC...yet.
  11. I have the French purse and don't like it. It requires a strong twist to open the coin purse, but my biggest gripe is bill is always at an angle and too deep for USA bills. It is a very stiff piece to use. I bought the Zippy Wallet and just love it. More space, easier to use, tons of sections, and just all around a better wallet, IMHO.
  12. I have had three french purses (pomme & inidgo vernis, and vanilla epi) and love them. they are the best wallet for me. :biggrin: I do want to try the zippy though.
  13. I bought one but ended up returning it because I really hate to fold my bills (dont ask, I have no idea why). I ended up w/ just a cc/yen holder & love it.
  14. I know my next wallet would be a french purse in Azur but not for now I have too many wallets.
  15. ^^you had to fold your bills in the french purse?