French Purse UPDATE! I got it!

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  1. Many of you probably saw my post about which French Purse to get -- well, I finally decided and came home with one!

    Introducing: my new FRAMBOISE FRENCH PURSE! :heart:

    Thanks to those who made suggestions for me! I turned both the mono and the framboise one in my hand in the boutique for soooo long. I wanted the framboise agenda, but now I feel like it would be too matchy-matchy. I hope I made the right decision in getting the framboise wallet. I need suggestions for the agenda now!

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  2. Very Pretty...I seem to fall in love more and more with this piece every time I see it!
  3. so pretty!
  4. Wow Peach, that was FAST Congratz! It is really pretty.
    What if you get the mono koala agenda with rose interior!!! The agenda and french purse are almost the same size and look similar so may be too much for the Framboise. Like I said I have the Pomme French Purse and Framboise agenda. I know I said I'd take pics today but right now I am soooo tired so it may be another 24 hours.

  5. Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous!! I love framboise, and love the french wallet, congrats!
  7. super pretty!

    I love Framboise... really love love...

    Congrats!! :love:
  8. Beautiful. I love that color. I also love Indigo. I want something in that.
  9. Lovely color.
  10. I didn't even think about them being similar in style! I thought of it just in terms of colour. Mono Koala is a good idea! I would loooove a photo of your lovelies... :nuts:

    I'm getting iffy about my decision -- I keep thinking about the mono french purse b/c of its functionality as a wallet. I'm debating getting the mono wallet and then the framboise agenda, though the agenda would have to be shipped to me, apparently (or so the SA told me). But I just LOOOVE the idea of whipping out a beautiful pink wallet everytime I pay for something! I adore it, but I don't know if it's too "flashy" for all the use it gets as an everyday wallet. Can I take it out for a spin w/everything in it and still take it back if I change my mind?

    AHH sorry for the long post!
  11. Dear Peach,

    Wow, finally u decided framboise french purse wallet :yahoo:it is so pretty, sweet and lovely, dont 4get to post some photo (whats inside your wallet) at this thread

    congrats on your new wallet and enjoy it ! :P
  12. tryagain, you are so sweet! Thank you! I'll remember to post photos there!
  13. that color is so cute! lovely!
  14. Supercute! Congratulations!
  15. That framboise colour is making me drool!! Congrats darling!