French Purse...Question!!

  1. Hello,
    Did LV stop making the French Wallet in checkbook size? I was told that. Thanx:nuts:
  2. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you know, I have seen wallets they do not make anymore. Like for example: They had a long wallet - and it had the french purse on the outside. (Its really beautiful btw.) I wish they would of kept it around. The very few customers that I have seen that still have it, LOVE that wallet to death!

    Yeah so I believe thats what you may be referring to.

    Thats the only older wallet I can think of that had the French Purse going, but HEY I'm sure there were other styles that use to exist that I really can't think of right now, haha.
  3. I think that wallet was my very first one I eventually gave my little sister. I just bought the Porte Tresor - the longer one and hate it. It just doesn't work for me for some reason I can't pin-point yet!
    Sounds like they don't have it anymore...Darn! I guess I will just have to get the french coin and get a seperate check book holder AGAIN!
    Or do I try to work out my issues w/ the Tresor I already have? lol
    I'm so glad you were available to answer my question. I just got done reading your thread on the french coin wallet. How informative.
    Thx again!
  4. Well thats nice you gave your old wallet to your sister!

    I hope you give your PTI a chance. I say put some miles on the wallet before you put her to rest...ha.

    That wallet - I wish I knew the name, I'm sure its in some old catalogs at work. It truly is beautiful, and I'm sure there are some members of this forum that know exactly what I'm referring to as well.

    Oh your welcome about the other info on the up grades on the wallets!

    No sweat!

    - L
  5. I think that wallet was called the Continnental Clutch!! I saw an authentic one on eBay last week. It's gone now though, someone snagged it. I think it's from the 80's or even before that. It was really awesome looking though!!
  6. Hey thanks for that info!

    I like the name of it! But yeah... it was a beauty wasn't it? My eyes light up everytime I see that, and or anything else that we don't make anymore.

    Gosh, I wonder how much they sold it for?

  7. Yes, it is called continental clutch (or wallet?). It was a very practical piece.

  8. Yes, if they still made that I would definatly get it!! it was just sooooo user friendly!!!!! And sharp looking too!
  9. Oh totally it was sharp looking! I agree!

    If I was a girl (which I am kinda, haha - JK) I'd buy one too!

  10. Thats the only older wallet I can think of that had the French Purse going, but HEY I'm sure there were other styles that use to exist that I really can't think of right now, haha.[/quote]

    Traci is right. It's the Continental Clutch wallet. I purchased a yellow epi continental wallet 4 years ago for 495 in NY. Someone stole it and they couldn't locate one for me in the stores anymore so I had to get one from eBay from an MPRS. You can see it in my showcase. It's my absolute favorite LV wallet. Let-trade had a black one for 300 and I didn't get it because I'm an idiot...:Push:
  11. hey guys.. it's called the American Continental. My bf's mom actually has and still uses hers! She received it as a gift in the late 80's and loves it so much she won't use any other LV wallet. IMO, it's definitely the ultimate wallet, i love how it holds change and keeps bills flat all while looking slim and sleek. If they LV brought it back, it'd sell even better than the PTI...
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