French purse: Pomme now or wait for Amarante?

  1. I really like the pomme color, and have been wanting an LV wallet (settled on french purse). At first, I was going to wait until the fall to decide whether to get the Amarante color or the Pomme. My favorite color is purple, but I haven't seen it and the pomme is beautiful. But some other TPF'ers have been posting that the Pomme color is expected to sell out in the summer. What have you guys heard? What should I do?? I know I can get something later in Amarante if I want to, but I don't want to get too many big ticket vernis items (due to its transfer properties, etc), and am planning on a Duomo a few months after.
  2. what color is Amarante?
  3. They say it's like the color of Chanel's nail polish vamp.

    I would wait for the Amarante.
  4. I'd wait for the Amarante as well, but I wish they'd make the vernis FP with 8 CC slots too!
  5. ooooooo the Amarante is a nice color if it really is like Chanel's Vamp color! I'd wait it out!
  6. i would wait unless you absolutely love red over the vampish amarante color. you could always buy the pomme as a second hand item later on if you find that the vamp isn't what you like.
  7. I was calling the 866 # yesterday, and also asked about Amarante - the CS responded - Oh, the newer blue? -

    So now I am scratching my head about what color exactly this Amarante is supposed to be!
  8. Pomme!
  9. I love Amarante :love:
  10. I would wait and then decide. I'm sure Pomme will still be around.
  11. i believe the pomme is already running out in most stores...
  12. Pomme!!
  13. Pomme Pomme Pomme! SO PRETTY!
  14. Get Pomme now and get Amarante in fall!!!
  15. make sure you have SOMETHING pomme. then when amarante comes out, get something ELSE in that color. its necessary.