French Purse Owners---Help me please

  1. I am thinking about purchasing a mono french purse as I need a smaller wallet. I did the search before starting this thread but I couldn't seem to get the answer to my question. If you can point me out to the existing thread(s), that would be great as well.

    For those of you who use a french purse for a long time and/or use it often, how does the brass hold up over time? Does it have a lot of visible scratches (esp. around where the opening of the coin compartment is)? Does the brass get tarnished over time? Thanks.

    Alternatively, I am also thinking about Alexandra wallet. Do you have any experience with this wallet? Thanks again.
  2. I love the french purse (don't have it because I carry too much) but I do know someone who's had hers for a really long time and it's still really beautiful. The Alexandra wallet is great too - wouldn't have to worry. Sorry - I'm no help; I like both!

  3. Do you find the Alexandra wallet too thick (bulky)?
  4. I've had the french purse in azur for more than a year now, and the brass is still in mint condition!
  5. I've used the mono french purse forever. My first one lasted almost 11 years. I wound up purchasing the same exact one about a year ago. It holds just enough cards, change and bills. I love it!
  6. I don't think the Alexandra is nearly as bulky as say the Koala. I stear clear of the Koala because on my Koala agenda, the buckle isn't staying really bright, so I didn't want a Koala wallet, even though it's so pretty. I use the mono porte tresor international and it's years old and still looks brand new. My next wallet is going to be the mono pochette wallet though - love the style of that one.
  7. I love the mono pochette as well. I would go for it if I wanted a long wallet. Thanks for your help.

  8. If you don't want the long wallet, then my first choice, bar none, would be the Alexandra. It holds a tremendous amount, will last for many many years and is a beautiful wallet.
  9. I've had my French Mono for about 8 years now and it still looks great. The brass kiss lock isn't tarnished or scratched up, but then I'm not rough with my wallets.
    I also have the Alexandra in White MC, and been using it for almost 2 months now and can't seem to rotate to my other wallets like I normally do. I love the ample CC slots, the clear plastic window and all the different compartments. It's not bulky at all and it's definitely user friendly. I love it!
  10. If you're worried about your wallet being too bulky/thick, I wouldn't suggest the French Purse -- even just with the full CC slots taken up and some bills, the wallet get pretty thick! I wouldn't really call it small wallet since it takes up quite some space and it is about the size of the regular agenda.

    With that said, I LOVE my FP! If you get it in Mono, it will be very versatile and durable -- the brass on my Damier one that I've used since last summer is still very shiny and the whole wallet looks new! I love bulky (but not long) wallets, so the FP is a great choice for me. Good luck with your choices!
  11. My Mono FP is about ten years old and it looks great!
  12. maybe i'm rough with my FP but the hardware on mine is stratched up. i've had it for around 3 yrs
  13. Thanks y'all for the reply. I will make a visit to an LV store soon (not sure when) as I live about 2 hours away. I scaled down my choices to two 1) mono french purse and 2) Mono Alexandra. I like a shorter wallet but it has to have enough cc slots. As for the question about the hardware, I guess it depends on how I will use the wallet. But I guess if I want a worry free wallet, I should go with an Alexandra....hmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. Any more comments on the hardware on french purses???
  15. I've had my black MC FP for 2+ years and it still looks great.. and it's my only wallet!