French Purse or Zippy Organizer?

  1. Or neither...?
    I carry a lot of little useless cards (Starbuck's card, gift cards, video cards, etc.) and receipts so I'd need a fair amount of slots and room...
    Anyone had good/bad experiences with either of these wallets:smile: ?
  2. FP may not have enough slots for you then. I would go with the zippy, but my first choice for Vuitton wallets will always be the Koala ! :biggrin:
  3. Here is a pic of my old Zippy Organizer. I sold it because I couldn't use it for the purpose intended. My SA wanted me to use it for change and it could have held my whole life in it. If you were looking for something to hold everything I would go for it, but I just think the french purse is way cuter.
    zippyi.jpg zippyo.jpg
  4. I love the french purse! I have that and the koala and I like the french purse better! If you have a lot of little papers you might want the zippy instead. However the zippy is also a HUGE wallet so it depends how big your bags are too!
  5. definitely zippy
  6. I have the French wallet and I adore it! Go with the zippy if you need CC slots.
  7. I have a black epi zippy organizer and it is the best wallet in the whole world! I have been waiting my whole life for this wallet to come along. :smile: OK, I'm being dramatic, but I do LOVE IT!! I like to carry a lot of cards plus my checkbook and check register plus cash and receipts plus change, and the zippy organizer does it all beautifully. I tried the PTI first because I didn't want to bite the bullet and spend the money on the zippy, but the PTI was a joke. It didn't come close to holding everything I like to carry! But did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my zippy organizer? It was worth every penny I paid for it. I'm sure I'm going to be carrying it for the rest of my life! :smile:
  8. Go for the zippy!:yes:
  9. If you ask me...I personally don't like the look of the zippy so I'd get a FP and another small card holder....but if you want to store everything in the SAME wallet, then I would get a Zippy....
  10. I would not advise you to get the FP b/c when you put too much inside, it gets creases. You can't add too many USD bills either as it is really made for the French Franc/Euro and so it fits smaller bills better.

    Besides all of the above I still love my FP and is my favorite out of my wallets!
  11. I'd go with the zippy since you need alot more room. The FP is cute, though.
  12. Hmm..looks like Zippy is pulling ahead!
    Jojo- very interesting re the different bills sizes but it makes sense. I think that your USD and our CDN bills are the same size so that would be the same caveat.
    Now I just have to decide what kind and what colour:love:
    Thank you!
  13. The zippy is huge, but.....if you only have larger bags then that's not a problem. I always like the french purse but you don't seem to get a lot of function for the price, though they are comming out with the updated version soon in mono canvas (maybe damier too?) and that will have more cc slots from what we've been told....
  14. Zippy Organizer $580.00  detail_04.jpg Zippy Organizer $580.00  detail_03.jpg Zippy Organizer $580.00  d.jpg Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois $580.00.jpg Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois $665.00    _White.jpg Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois $665.00    _Black.jpg p10951547_ph_detail_01.jpg Pochette Porte Monnaie NM $550.00.jpg Compact Zippé $525.00  detail.jpg Koala Wallet $535.00    01.jpg
  15. I generally like wallets that zip, hence my two Eldridge wallets and my Broome... But I saw the zippy wallet at LV and that thing is just way too big. I agree with the other person who said if you carry large bags then it shouldn't be a problem but that baby is big! The French purse is cute but again, if you like that zipper look and you don't mind buying previously owned I'd encourage you to stalk ebay for an Eldridge. It's hot! Good luck with your decision.