French Purse or Koala??

  1. Hi ladies

    I currently have the french purse in damier which i bought not so long ago. I really really like it, i think it looks very elegant and it can double as a purse if i don't feel like carrying a bag. It fits in my hand perfectly as well! But recently, i fell in love with the koala wallet in damier ebene!! I never even considered buying the koala when i was choosing a wallet.. i know, i should've done my research!! I really like the red lining plus it's less bulky whenever i go to school and put it in my school bag. Plus, it never bothered me before but i now find the bill pocket in the french purse too deep after being told countless of times about it!!

    Should i sell my french purse for the koala? I'm currently low in funds right now since i just bought a bag.. I could probably sell the french purse for 500CAD at least since it's in really good condition! I'm not sure if the canadian prices increased or not.. but in the LV site, the koala sells for 620USD.. and if i'm not mistaken both US and CA dollars are at par. Does anyone else know if prices in canada increased or not??

    What are your thoughts on this? Should i sell my current, in VERY good condition french purse for the koala?? I'd really appreciate all your opinions!!
  2. have you test out the koala IRL? If so and you still lean towards it, definitely sell the FP and fund for Koala :yes:
  3. Not really.. I just saw the koala in ebene and fell in love with its look! I wonder why the french purse don't have the red lining like the koala does? Well, i guess i have to go to LV soon and check out the koala.. it'll be really hard to part with my french purse though, it's such a pretty wallet too!
  4. Definitely try it in boutique before blind purchase, it's pretty big to be call 'compact' IMO, but that goes pretty much for all the 'compact' wallet in LV lol. Don't you just love how the red interior make Damier instant lady like? :love:
  5. The red lining is gorgeous!
  6. :yes:... beautifull..
  7. I own a Koala in Epi. It's a very nice wallet. But, it also has a deep currency compartment. It is open on one side which may be a problem. I wouldn't buy it until you go and look at it. I've seen women quickly dismiss this wallet because of the deep bill comparment and the side opening for the bills. I happen to like it because It is large enough to place a folded sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper into.