French Purse OR Koala wallet??!?!??!

  1. Hi everyone! I've been thinking of buying an LV wallet these days but can't decide on which to get!!! I'm interested in the French purse and the koala wallet from either the Vernis or Monogram Multicolore lines. Please tell me which type of wallet, as well as from which line, you prefer!!! Thanks!!!:cool:
  2. I prefer the koala wallets, mostly because they have a lot of credit card slots. I really like how the french purse looks, especially in MC with the vachetta edging, but you'd have to worry about that getting dirty plus there's not very many cc slots !

    Oh, and remember, GST is gonna be a little less in only a few days !! :biggrin:
  3. I prefer the Koala wallet!
  4. I like the Koala also
  5. i love both wallets, but i think i would prefer the Koala wallet. it has more card slots, and it has an ID window too :yes:
  6. koala
  7. My choice is the koala wallet too. I went with one because of the larger number of cc slots as well. It holds quite a bit, but is still small enough to fit in some of my smaller bags.
  8. My vote is for the Epi or MC Koala wallet. The vernis line is beautiful but it's not suitable for wallets. I have had ink transfered onto my vernis wallet and there is no way to clean it off.
  9. I vote for the koala. I have it in damier and it is very functional. Get it in the multicolore :love:
  10. Good point!!
  11. Koala wallet ..compact, more CC slots, ID/photo window..
  12. I have FP and the only reason it won over Koala is because I don't want to worry about scratching the buckle.
  13. I have the MC Koala in white and I sometimes call it "My Precious."
  14. Alrighty! Koala it is then! :biggrin: thanks everyone!
  15. I prefer the look of the French Purse. I am planning on getting the MC one to match my MC speedy. I like it because it is very classy looking and can double as an evening clutch if u don't want to carry a big purse.