French Purse - Opinions Please!!

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  1. Hello everyone. I am looking for a fuller sized wallet... I have the zippy coin purse but find this a bit small for everyday use. I do not like very large wallets so full size zippy/Sarah etc are out. I love the look of the French purse but just wondered what your opinions were? If you have one is it practical and nice to use? Do you think it is a little outdated or just vintage chic?!

    After looking at a few wallets in store the only other one that I quite liked is the clemence which is totally different. I know that zippy wallets are very in fashion right now but I am usually drawn to styles that aren't zip around.

    Any thoughts opinions or photos would be much appreciated. Thanks. :smile:
  2. I've had my French purse for 12 years and it's been brilliant. Some of the stitching started to undo at Christmas so I took it in for repair. It had a festive holiday in Paris and came back looking fab! It cost £20. I like the size of it and hopes it lasts another 12 years and then some!

  3. Do you have it in canvas or vernis? Do you mind posting a picture after 12 years of use? Thank you very much.
  4. I adore it regardless of the fashion of the day. I think it's timeless.
  5. I have one in mono and one in vernis. I use them all the time. They are so easy to get into and hold alot of cards and receipts in the side pockets. I just love mine. They wear like iron and don't take up too much room in my purses. I have a zippy wallet, but tend not to use it because it is heavy and I get tired of zipping and unzipping.
  6. I don't own one but I think they are beautiful and timeless. I'm considering one myself but I'm going back and forth on the mono or an Emp Compact Cruieuse. I really love the French wallet in Amarante Vernis but I don't want to spend $1000 on a wallet!
    Which color/pattern are you considering?
  7. I love French purses. They are my fav style. It's compact while still being functional and very lady like. I actually have a Gucci one that I have been using for one year and it's my only wallet. I used to have an MK long zip wallet, like a zippy but realized I don't like zippers in my wallets. I am also particular with how my cards sit. I like them horizontal and not vertical. For me there are only 2 brands that do that. Gucci and Longchamp. I adore the look of the LV one I feel it's timeless and classic but out of my price range for a wallet.
  8. French purse is sweet, especially in Vernis, IMO. Love it. Not big but functional. I have seen other wallets from LV that are bigger/bill size but don't quite hold much. If you like color and shine, I highly recommend Vernis!!!
  9. I have the newer model in mono. Has a good number of card slots and good sized section for coins. I love it! Fits most all my bags (except evening bags). I haven't used any other wallet since I got it!
  10. Was thinking of selling mine and now you all have convinced me of all the reasons to keep it. :smile:
  11. is this wallet being discontinued?
  12. Timeless.
  13. I have French purse and I think it's very practical. I can use it with purses or with my crossbody bags with no problem.
  14. I think they're discontinuing the Epi version. If you select Epi, it redirects to the wallet section.

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  15. Thank you so much for this positive vote for the French purse that is great news to hear it has lasted so long. I just hate having to change my wallet and like mine to last a few years. Can I ask what canvas/leather you have?