French Purse # of CC slots??

  1. How many credit card slots does the "French Purse"/Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois have??


  2. Mine has four:
  3. they have 4:

  4. Nice pics, Thx!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: Where do the bills go? At the top edge lengthwise? that when you close the wallet it bends 'em in half??
  5. ^^^ the bills have a separate compartment and it does bend the money in half.
  6. Thx for the info!:yes: Now just got to decide on the french purse, or koala wallet...then in what lines....french: vernis(fuchsia), mono, damier, MC....or Koala in Damier...

    Ugh...just throwing ideas around lol...probably won't get one til Xmas. Maybe. Well, I got plenty of time to decide and think...LOL:blink:
  7. Here is a pic of the bills compartment.

  8. OOOOoooohhh nice pic!! Thanks! :yes:

    :rochard:Hey, Congrats on #4,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :nuts:
  9. I was considering the Koala or the French Purse too. I ended up going with the Koala because it has more card slots (9) and I love the zipper coin pocket in back. Also because it's so darn cute.



    (I no longer own that bucket, btw)
  10. OMG it's so pretty in the MC! Ya, I forgot to post that in my previous post. Koala: damier, or MC. Ok there! LOL!:P

    Ya, I love the 9 CC slots too!! So it's hard to decide..yet I love the french purse in fuchsia....ack! They're both so nice!!:yes:
  11. I have the koala in damier (used to have it in mono, but that red leather interior is too cute) and the matching damier koala coin purse. I love the koala -- so many cc slots etc.
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