French purse lovers 4 cc or 8cc's??

  1. Okay so I went to LV today and tried out the new french purse w/the 8 cc slots and to my surprise I actually don't like it!! I bought the mono 4 cc one last August and I kept saying to DH, I wish it could hold more cc's. So then of course 4 months later they make one that holds 8! So after sticking all my stuff in the wallet at LV, I decided that I hate the way it looks so bulky once you put all your stuff in there. I like the ones with only 4 cc slots!!

    What do you prefer?
  2. 8 cc slots
  3. 8
  4. I know what you mean. I hate bulky wallets! What bugs me is when you look at the wallet it looks like all cc's sticking out and bunched up in there and it drives me nuts!! I like a streamlined look, kwim?

    So, I would go with the 4 cc holder cause the 8 would just be to bulky for me.
  5. I like 4 CC's too & don't like the 8 cc's...too, I like that empty space on the right side of the french purse. I stick pictures on it. :smile:
  6. ummm I think the 8 cc made the wallet bulky but I'd probably need to see it irl first!!
  7. :yes: Definately 8!!
  8. 8. I have too many cards 4 just 4 slots.
  9. I would buy the 4 and get a cles for the rest of my cards!