French Purse in Suhali

  1. Not sure if this is available...any idea if this will come out?
  2. They don't make it at the moment, and I haven't heard any news of it coming in the future. To be honest, it's unlikely IMO.
  3. i second that ^^
  4. I haven't heard anything about a french purse in suhali, but how pretty that would be!!!
  5. ^^I agree and esp in verone:heart:
  6. Suhali is kind of a SLOW line with products, we just got a zippy! lets be thankful lol
  7. ^ ITA matt :smile:
  8. I guess I'll have to get either a zippy or a compact then...and maybe just maybe a suhali french purse if it will ever be released in the future;)
  9. Maybe they have not come out with yet because it would be heavy ... because of the kisslock clasp and the leather but oh my, I would love it if they did ... the french purse is one of my fave wallets!
  10. MMMMM.... the French purse in Suhali?!?!?! :nuts: :drool:
  11. That would be so pretty. I'd so be getting it if they ever do release it.:yes: