French Purse in Pomme Vernis OR White MC??

  1. Which is nicer? Your thoughts please? The interior of the pomme is so dark & while the white multicolor wallet is nice & bright....I don't know..just can't decide. Thanks! :yes:
  2. I have a wallet in the pomme color and I love it! It's just the right shade of red, not too dark or too bright. It's awesome!
  3. Pomme vernis!
  4. Pomme d'amour!
  5. im prolly gonna be the only one that says MC white! I love it and Ive wanted that wallet seems like it might hold up better to me. I am very wary of any vernis...ive heard so many horror stories about it scratching and stuff. but the pomme d'amour is gorgeous....if i was gonna get something in vernis that would probably be my top choice. (i love the marshmallow...too bad its discontinued...i also love the indigo!)
  6. Pomme Vernis!
  7. I'd say the Pomme. I saw it in the shop, it's soooo beautifulll if my budget won't limit, I definitely get it for sure.

    I think the White MC would get dirty easily like my white mc wapity.
  8. Pomme!
  9. I have the pomme koala and I just love it!
  10. Pomme!!
  11. Pomme d'amour!
  12. I'd go for the Pomme. The inside of the white might be bright now but it does discolor a bit after use from putting money or coins inside.
  13. Hmm.. Hard Choice,I'd say Pomme b/c I like the Black MC more than white!
  14. Pomme!!!
  15. Pomme! I am scared to have small accessories, especially a wallet in light colors.