French purse in a pochette??

  1. Hi everyone! My birthday is in a month and I'm thinking about getting a french purse... maybe amarante vernis or damier. I have 3 speedies, a monogram pochette, and will have the black MC pochette soon and I would like to have a wallet that fits in all of my bags. I don't like anything smaller than the french purse so I was wondering if it would fit in the pochette with my phone and car keys bc that's basically all I carry. If nothing on the larger side would fit in the pochette.... what about the Alexandra wallet? Does anybody have that one? Thanks in advance for your opinions! :smile:
  2. that's an excellent question! i've been dying to know this as well. i'm hoping to buy both the french purse and the pochette soon. this would seal the deal for me.
    someone please answer! :girlsigh:
  3. I know for sure a small ring vernis agenda will fit just fine in a pochette. Do you know if the French purse is a similar size, because if so then I don't think you'll have a problem.
  4. Small agenda is a little bigger than the French Purse so it should fit. I have the French Purse and the Pochette but never tried them together. My French purse does fit in my Sophie though so it should be okay. If I have time tomorrow I'll see if it fits for sure and take pics. I just rearranged my Bag Armoire and I know I put the Pochette way in the back.
  5. Thanks for everyone's replies so far! I was almost positive it would fit but not sure if I could still get my phone and keys in there.