french purse.. help!

  1. Can someone who owns a French purse chk theirs out for me? Or show pics? When you open it up is the LV stamp and the cc slots on the right hand side or on the left? On Elux.. it shows it on the left..
    On this Ebay it shows on right.
    I know Elux uses prototype pics sometimes.. Which one is right? Or is the ebay one fake? She's a mypoupette seller that I've watched alot. I've always thought her items are authentic. Thanks! :flowers:

  2. I have this wallet, and it is the opposite of the pic you posted. The cc's and the stamp are on the left when you open the wallet, and the coin section is on the right. Also, there are two gold snaps that close together for the coin section, and they are rounded, not flat/rectangular like the one in the pic. Hope that helped :biggrin: Ebay one is a fake
  3. i'm sure that is an older version. I've purchased from her before, 100% authentic items. Email her nd ask about the date code i'm sure you'll find out it older.

  4. ^doing that right now.. i'll keep yall posted when i hear back from her... you recognized her distinctive maroon leather couch huh? :P
  5. yep:smile:
  6. I will look at mine..its at least 4-5 years old...
  7. Mine is from last year and it is opposite to yours.
  8. i have in the vernis. and bought it 2 years ago, it is opposite yours.. just have a checked with the sellers.. maybe its the older version or something:yes:
  9. Response> Thanks for your authentic LV interest. Pleassssssssssssssssss see my ebay feedback, over 1400 authentic LVs sold here. Yes, it is an older model, and date code is SD0945. It is authentic and always guaranteed here.

  10. Hey, now that I know who you are... you've got great stuff! :yes:
  11. Urrrghhh took too long to decide.. someone else bought it... :cry: