French Purse help needed!

  1. I love the FP & its coin compartment but the slot for bills is SO deep. Don't the bills get lost down there? Or am I not figuring out how to use this properly?
  2. I have 3 french purse and I have never lost any bills in there ... LOL! It's a little deep but it's a very classy wallet!
  3. I have a pomme french purse which I use as my everyday wallet and don't have any trouble with the notes. I like to push them down to the bottom so they won't fall out anyway.:tup:
  4. I have 2 French Purses and find the deep slot practical as you can simply push the bills down further when you don't want them to fall out (or catch public attention when carrying lots of cash). Otherwise I just place them just below the opening for easy access...All in all the FP is a gorgeous wallet!!
  5. I adore my fp! I have one in red epi, which is my absolute favorite out of all my LV wallets. Thinking about getting another in WMC.

    The bill compartment is deep, but your money won't be lost in there. They'll be safely tugged away :tup:
  6. If you had to, you could insert a sheet of lightweight paper stock and fold it just so, so that the first fold (the first "V" fold) will bring your bills up nearer to the opening. You tuck your bills into this slot. Does this make sense?
  7. I love the FP too!! It's my favorite LV wallet -- I have it in mono. The bills do not get lost, but sometimes they can get a bit crumpled. Anyway I think it is worth it because it is a beautiful, classy, durable wallet. (I am actually wanting to get it in Vernis in addition to mono because I love it so much!!!)
  8. i love the french purse, i sold my framboise but replaced it with the pomme!! Great everyday wallet, easy to use, and the pomme is soo stunning. Geez, i sound like a commerical for it, but i absolutely :heart: it. One of my friends even referred it to being "sexy" lolz.. I noticed on my framboise that the coin compartment gets dark by dirty coins, so im trying to figure out a way not to get the pomme leather dirty by coins. I currently have a dollar bill folded in there so when the coins are put in, they don't touch the leather. hahaha I know, a little crazy but i want to keep it new as long as i can :jammin:
  9. I love my Damier French Purse. I have never lost a bill in the compartment or having difficulty in retreiving the bills. In fact, I feel pretty safe having my bills so deep down in the compartment!