French Purse - Help me choose!!!

  1. What colour do you think I should get in the French Purse wallet? I LOVE the Vernis Amarante, but I think I might be better off long term with the simple black Epi leather since I've heard that vernis scratches easily. I wouldn't exactly throw it around.. but I'm not very careful either. Does anyone already have a bag/wallet in vernis and know how it holds up? I would love to hear your opinions!! Thanks! :smile:
  2. the darker vernis colours hold up fine. but for a french purse i think the classics are better. black epi or mono.
  3. I have the Amarante French Purse & I :heart: it.
  4. I have the French Purse in Pomme and it has held up real well. It gets ton of compliments. I just bought the Koala in Amarante but haven't used it yet so can't tell you how it holds up in a bag.
  5. Amarante! It's so beautiful and (to me) the deep color makes it a classic. Plus, I honestly think Vernis is more durable than it sometimes gets credit for and the corners of Epi wallets can rub and get worn pretty quickly too.
  6. I just purchased a French purse in amarante and except for the fingerprint issue, I don't think I'll have a problem with this wallet...colour transfer most likely won't show up very well and vernis does get very small pin prick sized dents in it, but I have yet to see a major scratch or scuff mark.
  7. I have the FP in vernis framboise. Have been using for 2 months. still looking brand new. I have the perle vernis in koala. Colour-wise : I think framboise (or darker colours) holds up better.

    as for hardware, FP is great! no issue at all
  8. I have it in MC and use it everyday. I love it.
  9. I have the French purse in pomme and I love it.
    I've been using it as my main wallet and it has been holding up well. The only special care I take with it is to pop it in the dustcover if I have lots of keys etc in my bag so it doens't get scratched up.
  10. i just saw the White MC one today and I love it! I just wish it had more slots on the inside.. If I were to get a French purse, I'd go for MC or Vernis.. as for color, Framboise is sooo pretty and so is Pomme.
  11. i have it in the epi and by far i would describe it as indestructible.
    i have the pochette in pomme vernis and i have no problems with it either.
    good luck i hope you get what your heart desires!
  12. That is so pretty! Congrats!

    This would be my choice too!
  13. Thanks for all your help ladies!
    I ended up getting the Amarante colour and I absolutely love it! =D
  14. I have the french purse in the monogram. I had the same one for almost 11 years before I decided that it was worn out. I bought the same one again. You will love the french purse, it's so great!