French purse...for left/right handers?

  1. I was looking through some auctions for the French purse (Porte Monnaie Viennois) and i noticed that sometimes the snap closure sometimes open to the right and sometimes to the left when it's right side up...

    For a left-hander:
    eBay: AUTH Louis Vuitton PORTE-MONNAIE FRENCH WALLET (item 280021679925 end time Sep-03-06 19:14:16 PDT)
    If you think about it, you'd need to open the wallet with your left hand so that when you open it, the cards and the heat stamp are facing the right side up.

    For a right-hander:
    eBay: Louis Vuitton Porte-Monnaie FRENCH wallet -$625 wTax (item 270019542460 end time Sep-16-06 09:31:39 PDT)
    Comparing the right-side up interior pics of the same style of wallet, the snap closure is on different sides...

    What's up with this? :shrugs: Are older styles on the left/right side or...did Vuitton do this on purpose so it's easier for left-handers/right-handers to open the wallet?
  2. The older ones, with the squared off clasps on the coin compartment opened up differently than the new ones.