French purse dilemma - which leather?

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  1. I bought a glossy goat evergreen French purse from the outlet yesterday. I actually wanted black but they obviously don't have black there. I am now debating whether to just pay full price to get a black one. But now I'm wondering if the glossy goat leather is actually more durable than NVT? If so, should I compromise on colour to keep the more hardwearing purse or just go for black in NVT? Help! Anyone got experience of both leathers to advise?

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  2. Opinions on the colour also welcome :smile:
  3. Hi jelly baby, I have an evergreen glossy goat card holder that I have had for approx two years, used daily along with another wallet and it's still good as new. I love the colour too. For me glossy and shiny goat are two of the nicest leathers mulberry use. For me, I would go evergreen over black.
  4. P/s - your purse is a beauty.
  5. Your purse is lovely jelly-baby and glossy goat is a very durable and hard-wearing leather. My coral purse which I use daily is nearly 5 years old and still looks good. I would always choose a purse in goat leather over NVT but as you say that you would prefer black I think you should hold out until you find a black goatskin purse at a price you're happy with.
  6. Thank you both for your input. I'm so torn over what to do. I do always go for the safe colour option (I.e black!) and i know I chose this one as it was close to black. I am tempted to keep it because of the durability. Do you think it goes ok with an Oak Bays?

    Would I get a black one in goatskin or would it have to be preloved?
  7. I think it would work with oak as it's a nice neutral green. To be honest when I buy purses I tend to go for a bright pop of colour as I like the contrast and because I play it fairly safe with the colour of my bags (or at least I used to before I joined TPF!)
  8. I always tend to buy with thoughts on whether I can resell as I tend to recycle my purchases. Maybe that's why I am drawn to the black. The other thing is that's I'm going through terminal 5 soon so I know I can get a current colour for less!

    Ps. Love the one in your collection, if you ever want to sell..... ;)
  9. I would never have a purse in NVT as it's so delicate and marks so easily - I know this doesn't bother many people but it really bugs me, so it's something to bear in mind. I have a french purse in small classic grain and it's practically bomb proof, doesn't have a mark on it.

    I think the colour you've got is lovely but it's up to you at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much anyone else likes, you need to love it at the price you paid (even outlet prices are a lot) - do you mind me asking how much you paid for it by the way? I'm after another one myself for my daughter and am debating between outlet or pre-loved :smile:
  10. That's my worry about NVT and that is the leather in the current black model. They did have a black velvet leather (silver metal) in the outlet too but I was worried about that scratching easily.

    I paid £185. I can get a new model from Heathrow for about £230, hence the dilemma! I think if I wasn't going through Heathrow soon then I'd just stick with this one.
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    The black french purse with the tree (instead of the little disc) is in small classic grain - or did you have your heart set on the one with the dics?

    £185 is a lot to spend on something you're not 100% happy with but would the scuffs and scratches on a new purse bother you a lot? Some people think it adds character and that they just improve the look and feel of the leather...
  12. Sigh.
    This is the tragedy, when members buy to resell. Rather than for themselves.
    I have avoided doing this, so choose what I like.

    Most of my mulb wallets are nvt.
    1 is scg.
    My bays clutch wallets are glossy goat.

    Love the goat.
    Love the nvt & seriously question idea is "delicate." It marks. The marks rub in with wear & collonil. It looks great, imo. And functions well.
    Scg is resistant to scratches. For awhile. But is a fake, printed grain. Over time, rubs to become smooth. Is no repair method I know for this.

    Best wishes with choice.
    Me, would keep the evergreen. Lovely. ♥
  13. Yes, I know what you mean. Unfortunately I can't afford to accumulate many designer bags and purses now I have a young baby but do like to be able to own some, hence why I have to think about reselling in the future. Perhaps on this occasion I will buy for me and forget about whether it will sell in the future. I guess this style of purse is going to be popular ongoing anyway :smile:
  14. Yes I agree about the cost. I am a bit annoyed at the outlet prices now particularly as they have decided to limit the stock they'll offer the VIP discount on (you can get a VIP card at Bicester Village that offers 10% in most stores). Mulberry won't offer it on any special purchases (which a lot of their outlet stock seems to be) or anything currently in main stores. It would've been an easier decision if I'd got another £18.50 off!
  15. NVT leather is not delicate. I've had numerous NVT purses (and bags) from M and it wears very well in my experience. I also have goat - hardwearing too. NVT is a natural leather and particularly when it's new will show a few marks, these soon blend away with use and if you keep the leather moisturised. I'm always staggered when people buy a leather bag and expect it to behave like a man made fibre.