French Purse ,Alexandra, Sarah or Any Other Suggestions?

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Which Wallet?

  1. Sarah

  2. French Purse

  3. Alexandra

  4. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. yesterday i went over to the lv store because i needed a new wallet desperately,before going i spend sometime online looking at their wallets online. it was a quick trip 5 minutes in and out .i left with a beautiful new french purse in monogram. but i started to question my purchase...the Sarah wallet is bigger and i could fit more things in it, and i just saw the Alexandra wallet that holds 13 cc and has an id window.i don't know what to do?
    what do you think about these wallets or do you have any other suggestions?
  2. I love the Sarah wallet, had one, then had the french wallet, but my very favorite is the Zippy, I have the Graffiti Zippy in pink, so roomy, so many compartments and keeps everything so very secure when using it on it's own. I always vote ZIPPY!!!
  3. The French Purse is very pretty but not very practical. Since you want something that holds a lot, I suggest Sarah, PTI or Zippy. Zippy is more casual, but it holds a bit more than the others. Personally, I prefer Sarah and PTI over Zippy. The Alexandra holds quite a bit too, but it gets very bulky. Hope this helps.
  4. my favorites are the insolite or zippy. what about those?
  5. Sarah!
  6. I like the alexandra, I posted pictures on other links. It's roomy and fits many purses. It's not too big. I can put more stuff in my purse with this wallet. This depends on how big your purse is. The zippy is kind of big. Bulky. Heavy. :smile:
  7. Sarah or Zippy!
  8. Zippy or Alexandra.
  9. I loooooove the Sarah! its the perfect wallet imo
  10. other ---- ZIPPY!!!!
  11. Sarah, best wallet LV makes!
  12. Zippy!
  13. Sarah! So pretty :love:
  14. I have the Sarah and it's fabulous...absolutely...flexible, soft, convenient and pretty. But I have to admit, I really wanted the alexandra too but couldn't afford I think I have to say Alexandra. That is one perfect wallet. Another great wallet though is the zippy in vernis. Very elegant. But for overall convenience I would say the Alex.
  15. Sarah !!!