French President to marry Supermodel

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    PARIS (Jan. 3) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy could marry Italian singer and former model Carla Bruni early next month, a French newspaper reported on Sunday, citing unnamed sources.

    In a report widely picked up on French radio and television, the weekly Journal du Dimanche said that Sarkozy had already given Bruni a diamond engagement ring and received a watch from the exclusive Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe in exchange.

    "They are getting married! February 9?" the newspaper headlined its front page over a photograph of Sarkozy and Bruni, both in sunglasses, visiting the ancient site of Petra in Jordan at the weekend.

    It said the date of a wedding had been set for Friday, February 8 or more probably Saturday, February 9.

    Sarkozy's office declined to comment.

    The report coincided with the release of an opinion poll in the daily Le Parisien, showing a 7 point drop in Sarkozy's approval ratings, mainly due to mounting concerns over the economy but in part as well because his private life.

    Stephane Rozes, director general of the CSA polling institute which carried out the survey, told Le Parisien that older voters in particular appeared to have been turned off by coverage of Sarkozy's private life.

    "The heavy media exposure of the president's personal life, affecting the function of the president, clearly offends traditional sections of government supporters," he said. "The fall among older people, who we know are attached to traditional values, is significant from this point of view."

    The couple, who met at a party in November, just weeks after Sarkozy divorced his second wife Cecilia, have dominated coverage in French media with magazines lavishing extensive color spreads on their visits to Disneyland Paris and Egypt.

    Following a visit to Egypt last month, during which Sarkozy was criticized for using a private jet belonging to one of France's most influential businessmen, they visited Jordan at the weekend, at the invitation of Jordan's King Abdullah.

    Her previous boyfriends are said to have included Mick Jagger, Donald Trump and Kevin Costner.
  2. Another case of rich older man and pretty young woman.
  3. I don't think he is a rich(or that rich) man and she is that young either. He is 52 and she is 39 for God's sake and she is well-established woman. Not like Katie Holmes marrying Tom Cruise. But "What's love got to do with it", anyway?
  4. Is he already divorced? I thought the Sarkozy's had just separated?
  5. anyone remember Carla at the 2006 Torino games where she presents the Italian flag as part of the opening ceremonies ritual in a gorgeous silver Armani gown?

    Sarkozy was just elected in May 2007. As far as him being and decide for yourself...

    []: "...
    Sarkozy declared to the Constitutional Council a net worth of €2 million, most of the assets being in the form of life insurance policies. [22] As the French President, he earns a yearly salary of € 101,000 and is entitled to a mayoral pension because he was mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine until 2002. He also receives a yearly council pension, because he has been previously a member of the council of the Hauts-de-Seine department. Sarkozy's salary will more than double to € 240,000 as a result of an amendment to the 2008 budget. [23]"
  6. Yes he is recently separated. And I think that if he wasn't in such a position as being the French president he probably wouldn't of landed a supermodel like Carla Bruni. And whether or not he is a very wealthy man as the president of France he is still very powerful.
  7. Wow, she's the epitome of the starf*cker. Men on her list include:

    Mick Jagger
    Donald Trump
    Eric Clapton

    It won't last too long...
  8. ^^ LOL, Roo. Supermodel, singer and First Lady of France? c'mon, what's not to love here ;)
  9. Shes pretty ...
  10. She's the heir to the Pirelli fortune (kidnapped for ransom when she was a child) she's got family money....she sure is gorgeous.
  11. ^^^^I knew he had separated from his wife...but wow...I didn't know divorces were so quick in France! Carla is a beautiful woman no doubt about that! I need to go read some French headlines about this one...
  12. She is independently wealthy and heir to a fortune. He is not wealthy, but he is powerful.

    I think she is gorgeous.

    I have reservations about this lasting.
  13. I bet Sarkozy misses the days when misteresses were part of the entourage, everybody knew but kept their mouths shut. AND the times before the aggressive paparazzis :lol: Too sad if he wants to marry her so quickly just because in some countries it's frowned upon to have a girlfriend with him on official state visits.

    But sure, sometimes it's funny to see women go from one famous man to another... like a ladder to fame. I wonder how they decide who's on the lowest step and who's next and so on... :p
  14. Interesting since he got divorced just a month ago.
  15. HE will use his influence to help her built her expand empire...does that make sense?:tup::yes: who does to deny a president....:p