French Manicure - Recommendations + Video

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  1. Hey girls,

    I was thinking of doing a french manicure, and I wanted some opinions. Instead of the traditional white tips, what colors do you think would look really nice. :s

    For those of you that are interested in doing a french manicure I found this video that will help you do it on you own. Hope it helps!:love:

  2. My nail girl had hers done with kind of a soft fuscia tip, and they were REALLY cute! The rest of her nail was just natural (light pink).
  3. that does sound pretty!! thank you i'll try it.
  4. From what I can tell, I've been noticing Kristy Lee Cook on American Idol has hers done with red tips the last couple of weeks. Red's my fav color, so I've been thinking of trying that.
  5. I was thinking of trying it too! Would be fun for spring!

    I like the red tips too, but I think they would clash with too many of my clothes...
  6. I also tried OPI - stars in my eyes and it looks great!

    Its like a silver shimmer... very pretty.
  7. ^^ My aunt wears them like that! She usually goes for a shimmery, pearly white colour or anything light and pearly. Pinks, mauves, etc.
  8. you can pick any color!!! What do you wear a lot of? Do something that will contrast/offset the colors in your wardrobe. I wish I could do colored tips...sigh.
  9. :heart: missmustard- i love the shimmer look, my next color will be a pinkish red with shimmer, and hopefully that will look cute. :shame:

    :heart:candace117 - I wear mostly pastel colors, light shimmer colors...and once in a while i go ahead with the occasional strong color. Hope you dont mind me asking but why can't you do your tips? :sad:

    :flowers::flowers::flowers: thanks for passing by!!