French Manicure- how-to?

  1. What do you use for your french manicure? White crayon, white nail polish, what?? How do you do it?
    It looks so pretty, i just don't know how:sad:
  2. ^_^ I use those manicure sets. It comes with the sticky manicure tip guiders(I dont know if thats what thier called) and two colors of polish. First I apply the guider onto my finger tips and then i paint the tips white. Then I take off the guiders and paint the whole nail, even the tips with the second color. Just make sure when you paint the tips of the nails you dont overload. Or you will have a bumpy tip.
  3. I also purchase one of those Sets that include the set.

    Im a dork and I strategically use 3 coats of paint. A Pink/Peach, White and Clear. It's a pain, but they turn out fantastic.

    Always cut your nails the length you like before starting. I cut them square and file them to the correct length.

    1) I paint my nails with the background -like the pink or peach. That will be my base. Wait for it till it's COMPLETELY dry.

    2) Then use the painting guide strips, but BEFORE sticking it on top of your base -stick it on your skin! Severly times so it's less sticky or else it'll pull off the base. Stick the outline and fill in the tips with the white.Again, wait for it to be COMPLETELY dry.

    3) Pull of the strips gently. If you made it less stick, there should be a problem with peeling.

    4) Apply with the clear polish to hold it all together.

    I've done it several times and people think they're fake because they looks really even. And quite professional for a homemade kit! It takes forever, but it works. =)
  4. great advice. i'll have to try it, i used to get my nails done but it wasn't worth the 30$ a month. they did a pretty bad job.
  5. I purchased the manicure set too. I bought a Sally Hansen set. It took me a few times before I got it. But now I could do it perfectly and it lasts longer :biggrin:
  6. I also use the Sally Hansen kit and always get great comments. My husband actually thought my nails were fake and that I was going to the nail salon to get them done.
  7. Thanx a lot! I just bought a white nail pencil and I think that was a mistake. But before I buy a kit (which I should have done in the first place) does any1 know how to use the pencil? I didnt come with any sticky pads or anything like that.... Oh well, now time to go find out what kit I will buy.
    Thanx for all your help!
  8. I have never had much luck with the guides. I sure wish I did! I never knew about the sticking on the skin part! I will have to try your way next time!

    If that doesn't work for you, this is what I do.

    Things you need:
    1. Small paintbrush/makeup brush
    2. Acetone (works best) or nail color remover
    3. White nailpolish
    4. Peach/pink nailpolish

    1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry.
    2. Take white nail polish and literally draw a stripe across the tip of your nail. Do this for each nail, wait until dry.
    3. Then dip the paintbrush into the acetone and carefully draw back and forth on your nail to clean up the shape so that the white is just on the tips where you want them. WAit until they're dry
    4. Once dry, then I put on the peach/pink nailpolish over it.
  9. owww thats a good idea!!!
  10. that sounds like such a hard task. I dont think im that skillful. :shame:
  11. I have to go to the salon to get mine done - when I do it myself my right hand always comes out horrible since I am a righty and can't be all that precise when polishing with my left hand. When I do my toes I use the paintbrush method that BalenciagaLove posted.
  12. Okay! So I went to the salon yseterday to get mine done, and here's how THEY did it:

    1. wash your hands, file your nails.. etc..
    2. Put one layer of white nail polish across the tip -could be messy, or neat, whatever. Go through each finger, then start at the beginning finger and do it again, so it's more solid.
    3. Use a brush, dip it in nail polish remover, and then use that to shape the white tip (:

    It seems hard... X__X. haha :biggrin:.
  13. I tried the paintbrush method, but couldn't get it right. Maybe the brush I used wasn't stiff enough to get a clean line. Does anyone have a particular brush they use that works well?
  14. I use white loreal and just paint the underside of the nail, not on top because it look too white. then I polish with clear. it looks really clean and natural and not overly white and done.
  15. I've been doing my own french manicure for years, and people always think they are fake. The way I do it is;

    1. Witchcraft Nail Hardener as a base coat.

    2. Essie Blanc polish (white) on the tips.

    3. One coat of Essie Waltz, Marshmallow, or Allure.

    4. One coat of Essie Ballet Slipper

    5. One drop of OPI Drip dry to each nail.

    My manicures generally last 10-14 days looking good, I find the essie polish makes a huge difference, very chip resistant.

    good luck!:biggrin: