french macaroons

  1. hmmm, one of my friends brought it back for me from overseas. I want to get it again and I dont know where to find.. Searched online but couldnt find any that I can order online other than the tea room. Any suggestions?

  2. Never tried french macaroons. What city do you live in, maybe you can do a search for french bakeries around your area and give them a call to see if they sell any.
  3. There is a place in Montreal that is supposed to make very good ones called Europea. I've never been there, but if you want to take a look
  4. Sometimes, posh little bakeries have them. When I am in Europe, my faves are the ones from Le Notre. Soo good!
  5. laduree make the best. they have incredible flavours.
  6. laduree yummy
  7. Laduree for sure!!! You can order them from but its expensive but the best!
  8. ^ I agree Laduree make amazing macaroons.
  9. Laduree is delicious!
  10. But will ship to the US?
  11. They will for £20.00! They do have some restrictions on food items though.
  12. If you are in NYC, Fauchon carries them. I bought a box when I was there last xmas. If you are in Vancouver (Canada) Ganache Pattisierre in Yaletown also has french macaroons.
  13. Bad news, Fauchon NYC no longer exists. I had to go to Bouchon for a fix.