French/London Sole Ballet Flats...

  1. Anyone own these? I can't decide on which of the cute styles to get! I'm torn between black quilted and the black Simple. Cap toe or not? I just feel so indecisive today!! :upsidedown:
    Also, I'm ususally a size 6, but a 36.5 in Manolo and Choo. Should I size up in these?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. First you definitely want to go bigger in these ballet flats. I wear 37 Blahnik but 38 on French Sole because you want to make the shoes look 'smooth' (i.e. your little toe not poking out).

    Quilted vs. Simple
    Simple because I want ballet flats to look, well, similar to the ones ballerinas wear and quilt is adding an unnecessary twist to something already perfected.

    Cap toe vs. Not
    I have a silver one and it's not capped but I had a white one with black cap (I can't find them anymore at their shop, boohoo!). All in all if you have a 'basic' colour like black, I think cap makes it more interesting but if you are already going for interesting colour like silver, metallic green then no cap.

    Also if you go for plain, you want the low cut one, it's not so deep as to show toe cleavage but I think it looks nicer especially if you have nice feet!

    I like them cos they are cheap and cheerful but actually I'm curious about the name, my ones are French Sole and the sole says it's made in France so if it's London Sole is it made in London, LOL?
  3. i have loads of them but i don't size up, they'd fall off my feet! most people do seem to though, especially in the low cut. i always get the low cut, i think the simple look frumpy on me. i really want to try the pirouette though, those look even lower!
  4. Thanks!! Do the low cut have a substantial enough sole that I could wear them shopping/shightseeing for a few hours? I'm looking for nice comfy flats to wear shopping in Paris and Rome (won't be caught dead in tennies there - hehe- and the streets are tough.)
  5. i wear them all day with no problems. but if you're like me you may want to get rubber soles put on them, i wore through one of my favourite pairs and the colour wasn't made anymore so i couldn't replace them and had no other way of saving them. it's better to do it before wearing them through though!
  6. they're just too comfy, they seem to be slippers, the style is wonderful because it's very simple and versatile and there's a woide range to choose from....the quilted are so classy, the lowcut versatile, the cap toe funny....they're wonderful, you really should try a pair!!!!!:biggrin::heart::yes::love:
  7. I think i'm going to go for the back low cut - thanks! I'll have my cobbler put rubber sole on the bottom - I do this for my nicer shoes all the time. Thanks again!
  8. I have entirely too many pairs of these shoes. I love the quilted with the cap toe the best. I have four pairs, I find that they are a little dressier and I can wear them with more things (black pants, jeans, dresses, skirts). I do have three pairs of the simple too but I mostly wear those with jeans and shorts. For some reason, I am hard on shoes and normally have to replace them often but these have lasted really long time. I wear my black quilted pair every other day. I do a lot of walking but the soles are still in excellent shape. I did take them to Paris when I went last year and they held up very well. They are very comfortable too. As far as size goes, I find that they run a little large. I had to get a half size down.

    Edit: I would like to add, they don't do well in the rain. I got caught in a rainstorm with a pair on and they were ruined.
  9. Thanks dianagrace. So no rain? Maybe I'll treat them wilth Apple Garde?
  10. I love these shoes, too. I used to buy them in every color for walking to work. But I was so mad; I took my daughter in there recently to stock up, and they were a good 30% more than they were just a few years ago! What happened???!
  11. i love these...they're so comfy.
  12. ^^ maria, which style do you like?
  13. i have are the simple style and quilt style.
  14. i also got the shoe-cobbler to add rubber sole for the quilt ones so that they don't get worn so fast. i didn't do this with my simple black ones though as they seem to be ok despite the frequent use. i used to live in central london where i used to walk all day and my feet never hurt with these shoes. i'm sure you'll love them too :yes:
  15. ^^ Great! These will be perfect for Europe.