French legacy Wallets..Do they wear well?

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  1. I foolishly returned my Whiskey french legacy wallet lined with pink leather, for I saw one rippped returned in the store and my SA said," if you stuff them, the frame has a tendency to separate from the leather and she had returned her wallet. Now I miss it and want either a black for fall or the siggie and black ebony to match any brown or black bag. Any of you guys know more about this and the slots being narrow or the change purse being difficult to get into? I appreciate any feedback before I buy anything at all. The only wallet i have is a pink leather one with 8 credit card slots and changing wallets is such a pain . Thanks!!!
  2. I have it in black leather and use it in all my bags. I have had it for about a month and a half - and with constant use it is still good. I love this walet - because my kids can't figure out how to get into it all empty out all my contents - and I love the change purse.
  3. Thank you for your help. The whiskey I saw was completely destroyed...awful. She must have been very rough on it since it was only 3 months old. Thanks again!!!!
  4. i hope they last a long time! i backordered the legacy stripe ... it should be arriving in the beginning of june. I want to have that for a loooong time!
  5. I've been using mine everyday since March and it's in great condition. All of the card slots are filled and I keep cash and some receipts occasionally in the liners as well. I've moved my change to a coin purse only because I want to use my cute little lemon wedge but had been carrying change as well. I don't think I've "stuffed" it per se but it's definitely full. I remember your earlier post about the abused one and I think that person must have beaten that poor wallet to death to get that result.
  6. I have this wallet in black leather and black signature and they have help up just fine. Neither one shows any signs of the frame separating from the leather. I don't stuff my wallets but I do fill all of the compartments.
  7. thanks for the info ladies
  8. I have been using my whiskey since March. However, I do not keep any change in it. I Keep my ID and debit card in the change part and it works great!
  9. This is good to know I was thinking about getting the Legacy stripe wallet at the PCE!
  10. I ordered the stripe, returned it because I thought it was tight and thin. After reading someone elses post I decided to get it in leather/pond. I've been using it daily for about 2 weeks, it's still together, but honestly, I am skeptical about the threading along the edges of card slots. I have one card in each slot, it's snug. The coin pocket does not hold a lot, perhaps that's good, empty it often instead of carrying the weight of the coin.

    We'll see . . . it's a very pretty wallet and I do like it but I still think the Soho Compact Clutch w/buckle is the most well made and functional wallet (3487)
  11. I just bought mine, so I cannot say quite yet. I don't keep change in it because physics says that if that compartment is filled and one tries to force the kisslock closed around a pile of coins, something has to give. The weakest part of a wallet is always the stitching and the fabric, so naturally that will give out first.

    I think my pink and orange French purse is so beautiful that I'm willing to baby it!
  12. I have a whiskey one, but I haven't used it yet. Currently I'm using a black signature wallet (unsure of the style though). I used to really force many cards per slot into my wallets, and a lot of change in the coin part, but I saw the effect it was having and decided to stop. Now I keep only one card per slot and then use a mini-skinny for the rest of them. It's the perfect size and I have tons of club cards, and business cards in it. I imagine if I ever were to carry a lot of coins, I'd probably use one for them too.
  13. Thanks for getting back to me. I picked up a natural one today, but hoping for a whiskey one cheaper to appear at the outlet. I agree, that stuffing them or the change purse would make it vulerable, but I still love it. Wish I had the whiskey. Just posted on the new bags at coach. Thanks!!!
  14. I wish I could find that beautiful pink and orange purse at the outlet. Congrats!!! I brought home a natural one today from the store. I am not sure if I will keep it for I really wanted the whiskey or black and the navy tote had some my post) I think I mayl wait for one to appear at the outlet. They are expensive. I do agree about the change purse and the vulerability of the frame. Thanks for your information. I do appreciate it!!!!
  15. Yes, the legacy wallets are so pretty, but the slots are indeed very snug. I am not sure if I will keep it or not, but I would prefer an outlet one of some type for sure if I could find it. I should have gotten a wallet on my trip, for there were many leather wallets to pick from. I did get a tiny mini siggie for my little leather Carly, more like a change purse. I will have to check out that Soho Wallet...that sounds nice. Thanks!!!!