French Institute - Alliance Francaise

  1. For those interested in "fashion talks," Veronique Nichanian of Hermes will be giving a talk at the Alliance Francaise in NYC on November 9th, moderated by Pamela Golbin, curator of 20th century and contemporary fashion at the Musee de la Mode et du Textile in Paris. Should be great:tup:
  2. Ohhh, I'd LOVE to go to this...but I'd need a translator!!! My french is...well.......AVERAGE at BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. GF it's probably in's french designer talks over a period of time. you should go!
  4. OOOOOO:nuts: I'd love to be there, but it's across the pond. Is somebody planning to attend that talk? Would love so much to hear a report.
  5. these long-haul flights are killing me......wonder how many points I have.......
  6. i am trying to arrange schedule to be there...we should make a group!
  7. Is it one day only?
  8. I could claim it on tax, actually......
  9. yes, one day only........November 9.

    bruno frisoni is november 30 and olivier theyskens of nina ricci is dec. it is a special event.
  10. perhaps i could attend and let you listen in on my cell speakerphone?? hehehe.
  11. the contact info is florence gould hall, 55 east 59th street, phone 212-355-6160

    web site is
  12. Ok, I can't miss this would just be criminal. Will try to sign up before it sells out, because you know it will.
  13. thank you for sharing this information!
    she's the designer for their men's wear, right?
  14. OK this has almost nothing to do with anything, but that is also the former location for Hermes' sales.

    See, I told you it was irrelevant! LOL
  15. ^ any H info is great to know!