French Hermes website

  1. Can anyone pls give me the URL of the French H website? It's just like the USA one but in French. I remember being linked to there once recently and noticing some different items on there, like scarves in some diff designs.
  2. I went to take a look. Some good stuff under "Surprises" too. Bracelets that aren't on the US website.
  3. What's the address to the US website? Somehow I always end up with the french version, maybe it's because I am in Europe... who knows :confused1:
  4. Can orders from the French website be shipped to the US? The French site has a twilly I want which is not offered by the US site.
  5. TV, no, that is not possible unless you have somebody in France who would ship it to you.
  6. You are correct, but here's the US site anyway:
  7. Thanks HG! That's the one.:flowers::flowers::flowers:

    Wongnumber, yes! Aren't they great? Just love perusing the items there as well as the USA site.
  8. You will also find the US website sells out of things faster.
  9. Does the US website only ship within the US ? 'cause there's a scarf that I like and it's not on the French site....
  10. Duna, apparently they only ship within the US, but read post #9 to get tips on circumventing this problem.
  11. Oh, that's interesting, thanks HG...;)
  12. Sue

    I finally have some time left on the weekend (been really hectic and only able to snatch quick checks on tPF) and I'm now going to look at the French site in earnest.

    I'm so intrigued by the idea of different scarves from those on the US website. If the bracelets were any indication, the scarf collection should be great. :jammin: :jammin:
  13. I remember checking out that French site about a week ago and noticed they had pocket squares that are plain except for H's all over, as the design. I wanted to get the orange one for DH since I just bought him a similar tie design but my store didn't have it! Hopefully they'll order some in now that I've mentioned it, hehe.

    That's why I was so intriqued to go back and check out the rest of the French website. I don't have the A/W scarf catalogue, nor the new Le Monde so I'm just itching to see as much H stuff as there can be. So now, together, the USA and French sites are my eye candy and gives me some more stuff to badger my SA about, lol! He's always reminds me not to go by what's on those sites coz store stock can be very different. Well, some are and some aren't so how's a girl gonna know unless she asks?..:graucho::lol: He's really lovely tho and doesn't mind that I ask. So far, he's produced some stuff I like just as much!