French help Please

  1. Hi Girls

    As many of you know i accepted the job in paris. i will be leavin bahrain the second... so i arrive there the 3rd and my first day is the 7th.

    In any case. i am very unprepared. Could anyone reccomend real eastate agents or an easy to use relocation agency. i dont knwo how to go about this from here and im feeling frustrated and this is all on top of the fact that im so scared and dont even want to go to paris anymore

    help please
  2. hi baby boo,

    i haven't got suggestions because i live in brazil. i just wanted to tell you not to feel disheartened. things will work out, you'll see. and in the end, you'll laugh and wonder what all the fuss were about.

    hugs to you!:flowers:
  3. I am sorry but I can't help you either. However I agree that once you are there you will wonder what all the fuss is about!

    Don't stress too much - relax, have a drink (or two!!) and just make lists of what you need to do - there is nothing more satisfying than ticking things off when you have done them!

    Plus the fact when it is written down it never seems as bad! (Well to me anyway)

    Hope you get it sorted:flowers:
  4. Thanks guys.. reallly appreciate it. i guess for now ill book into lil hotel and take it from there. just scary i guess
  5. Everything will be much more easily sorted out once you are there! And once you spread the word around your new job that you are looking for a place to stay, someone might know of a good agency, or maybe even sombody who has a flat or a room for rent. It's also easier when you can meet people in person, and they can see for themselves that you are a nice person.

    Making lists is a good suggestion - then you have your musts on a piece of paper and don't have to worry about forgetting things.

    Good luck with your planning!
  6. Baby Boo, I thought I have posted this website for you, everyone is expats on this site, you can post a message on the Discussion forum that you need a room or an apartment. There are a lot of advertisements on this site to help people relocate
    Discussion forum:

    Your new employer should have hired a relocation agency to help you out and paid for at least a month of temporary housing.

    Good luck.
  7. Being nervous is to be expected when relocating. Look at it as an adventure! Don't sweat it, Baby Boo, it'll all work out. I'm in NY so I can't be too much of an assistance, but I'm sure we have PF members who can lead you in the right direction. Good luck!
  8. Thanks KK

    unfortunalty i have a british passport so i am coming in as a EU national meaning they do not provide assistance for some reason so im on my own there.
  9. Baby Boo,

    I just want to say that it is very understandable to be nervous and scared. But just try to take one thing at a time. Make a list of things you need to do and just worry about one of them at a time. This will make you feel more in control. You are very brave to make a change like this and I think in the future you will be so glad you did! Good luck! Keep us posted!!
  10. Can you ask your employer who they recommend? I know they aren't required to pay for it, but I'd hope they'd be friendly enough to recommend someone for you to work with.

    When I studied in Paris, I didn't have housing lined up either, that was the most nerve wracking part of the experience... I ended up going through the university's housing office and was sent to different apartments through them, and I know they personally will only assist full time students, but they did have this information on their website listing some agencies. I hope it helps.

    I know the info is geared toward students, but it still may be helpful.
    (here's the link to all their housing info, they may have some other pieces of info that could be useful: The American University of Paris | Housing )
  11. I cant tell u how much you guys are helping.

    thanks. am looking at the websites. ive asked work for help but they havent really been able to help me. they said they would look up where i could live and let me know but it hasnt happened as yet.. so ya i dont know.. once i know i have somewhere to go when i get off that plane i iwill feel much much better
  12. Hey baby boo! I have been out and about and I am just now seeing this thread! Never fear, I just pm'ed you my phone number. Give me a call and we will get you all sorted out, ok?
  13. If you want to PM your flight information, I will do everything in my power to meet you at the airport, ok?
  14. my suggestion is this, check and get something which is all set up for you, at least for a little while. Once you have a base, you can then look for something a little more permanent.