French Fries.. mcdonalds or in n out??

  1. although many people have a weakness for sweets i have a weakness for french fries.. i can eat it anytime of the day even breakfast (thank goodness for tator tots) i love them crispy like Mcdonalds or just right like In n Out! all you need is some good ole ranch to dip them with with a splash of pepper :drool:
  2. I prefer steak fries. Lots of mayo and ketchup.
  3. I love In n' Out, but we don't have them in Texas, so I usually go for McDonalds--they get the crispy/soft/salt ratio right.
  4. animal style fries :biggrin:!
  5. I love McDonald's French Fries! Oh and I also like Arby's curly fries! Yummy
  6. I love in n out! They are the best!
  7. i looooove really crispy french fries with TONS of pepper (everyone thinks i'm nuts with my pepper obsession). i usually use ranch (sometimes with cajun seasoning if i'm at work), blue cheese/bbq or mayo/ketchup for dipping.

    ugh. this really makes me want fries. i was craving them earlier at work and now it's back. :smile:
  8. MmmMMMm!!!!!!

    My fave is McDonald's! loved it as a kid and love it now.

    however when I want more "healthier/fresher" fries, I go to In-n-out and get it well done. yumm!
  9. Mc donalds allll the way LOVE THEM!!

    haha never had in n out
  10. In N Out is my fav, but Mickey D's has great fries...
  11. In n Out fries, well done! With their special sauce on the side!
  12. I miss In N Out!!!! There's none here in Austin :crybaby:
  13. In and out fries (at least here in CA) are sooo gross! Soggy and yuck!

    McDonalds is so much better.
  14. McDonalds'! crispy and hot!
  15. I love McD's fries!! especiallly when they're dipped with vanilla ice cream.. :drool: