French Endearment Necklace 20% Off @ Anne Kiel Jewelry

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    One of the loveliest Valentine's Day or anytime you want to say I love you gifts we've seen this year?

    Anne Kiel's new French Endearment necklaces.

    Each hand-cut disc is stamped with a charming French term of endearment, such as Mon mignon (my cutie), Mon tresor (my treasure), Mon coco (my egg) and, perhaps our favorite, Mon lapin (my bunny).

    Lasts way longer than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, though we think you deserve all three.

    And at just $23 per term of endearment, that might just happen.

    Plus, BussBuss readers receive an exclusive 20% off with code BUSSAK through February 7, 2009 so it's easier than ever to give one to everyone you love this Valentine's Day.

    Is Spanish more your language of love? Be sure to check out the Spanish Endearment Necklace collection as well.

    Spread the amour right here.
  2. These are adorable!
  3. these really are super cute
  4. these are SO cute! thanks for posting!
  5. very cute and great prices
  6. Thank you so much. They're great!