French eBay?

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  1. Since LV's are less expensive in France, do they go for less on French eBay, too? Has anybody ever bought from French eBay?
  2. yeah you should go there, you will find more fake than even at
  3. yeah, i've been there. and YES miroirprincess, i agree, there's LOTS AND LOTS of fake. also in ebay italy. i don't understand why is that?
  4. italy is the worst, last time i haven't seen one real bag! :sick:
  5. Yes, LV on ebay italy are ALL fakes!!
    I reported a lot of counterfeit auctions but Ebay team still do nothing:censor:
  6. Italy had a huge crack down on the street sellers selling fake items so I guess they have switched their selling to ebay.
  7. Thank you! I will not bother looking at French eBay then.