French Cruller doughnuts!

  1. I don't know if these are pretty common to everyone, but I recently discovered them at Dunkin Donuts. They're my new favorite doughnut! They're made out of a different kind of dough so that they're very light and airy, plus they're SO pretty. I feel like I'm eating some kind of fancy pastry instead of a plain old doughnut! Is anyone else as nuts about them as I am?? :nuts:

  2. i am! :nuts: i love dunkin donut's french curlers! they are by far my favorite kind of donuts. i used to eat them all the time but there arent many dunkin donuts around my house anymore :crybaby:
  3. yummy! my aunt owns a donut shop here in the twin cities (there's not many around here, but she has a lot of regular customers so business is fairly good)... and she makes these! my favorite is the one with cherry icing... i also like the glazed and chocolate as well!
  4. i love cruellers! they are one of my favorites! i feel less guilty eating them cuz there is more air in it than regular donuts!
  5. So delicious! That is like THE most fattening donut. Fried dough is what it is. Entemans also sells them in the supermarkets.
  6. i loveeee french crullers from dunkin donuts!! i hate that they dont have many dunkin donuts down in texas
  7. I've always wanted to try these.. I will have to head over to my local donut shop. Damn, I miss Dunkin Donuts.
  8. These are my FAVORITE too!!! I love them b/c they're so light and airy. OMG I want one right now!
  9. OMG - I haven't had one of those in years. Wonderfully light and not too sugary (like Krispy Kremes).
  10. Dunkin Donuts is evil, but Krispy Kreme ones kick all kinds of a**! :biggrin:
  11. I love these there one of my favs!
  12. Yes, these are awesome. I haven't had one in so many years.... looks like I'll be on a Dunkin' Donut hunt.

  13. Come to Massachusetts....there is nearly a Dunkins on every corner!!!!
  14. I love a French Cruller too! And I totally have less guilt eating them than my other favorites...chocolate glazed and boston kreme...

    I always was told that French Crullers are one of the better choices when you're in a donut shop. And actually, according to Dunkin Donut's site, it only has 150 calories, 70 cal from fat. Where as my other favorites have WAY more!!! The regular Chocolate glazed donut is 290 calories with 140 cal from fat. And my the Boston Kreme is 240 cal with 80 cal from fat. i sort of want one! Too bad no Dunkin near my house, only on my way to work.
  15. Never tried them, but wow they look good!