French Crepes

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  1. I Thought I'd share this famous French recipe. My Sister and I started a blog on worlwide recipes, you're welcome to check it :shame:
    My World’s Kitchen
    • Servings: about 15 crêpes
    • Preparation times:
        • Active: 20 minutes
        • Rest: 2 hours
    • Ingredients:
      Here ingredients are “mug-based”. So take your usual mug, not a huge one, just the usual standard mug.
        • 1 mug of plain white flour
        • 1 mug of light beer
        • 1 mug of milk
        • 1/2 mug of eggs (around 4 eggs, depending on the size of your eggs)
        • 1 tablespoon of sugar
        • butter (to grease the frying pan)
    • Steps:
      1. Mix the flour and eggs in a large salad bowl.
      2. Add the milk and beer and mix until the paste is nice an uniform. No chunks.
      3. Add the sugar and mix until the sugar is dissolved in the paste.
      4. Cover the paste with a plate and leave it to rest for a couple of hours (or half a day if you have time, the longer the better).
      5. After resting, mix the paste again until it is nice an uniform.
      6. Heat a thin slice of butter in a frying pan over medium heat. You will know the pan is at best temperature when the butter is sizzling, melting fast but not burning.
      7. Wipe the butter over the pan’s surface using a paper towel. Now the pan is ready.
      8. Using a laddle in your right hand, pour the paste over the edge of the pan on the top right (at 2 o’clock). Your left hand holding the pan should bring motion to the paste in a counter clock-wise manner so that the paste quickly covers most of the pan. Quickly maneuver the pan to the paste to fill all gaps.
      9. After a minute of cooking, you will notice that the paste starts to unstick from the pan. Using a spatula, gently help unstick. Then flip over.
      10. While it is still on the pan, add a slice of butter and spread gently over half of the crêpe. Also spread sugar on the same surface. Leave it to caramelise.
      11. Fold the crêpe in half, and then in three to make a nice triangle.
    • Notes:
        • You can use any filling for the crêpe. However, simple is sometimes better and the crêpe beurre-sucre, with only butter and sugar, is French people’s favourite.
        • Don’t be shy of using butter. Its flavour is irreplaceable.
        • Beer in this recipie gives a lighter texture to the crêpe. If you don’t want or have beer, you can replace it by a similar amount of water.
        • Crêpe making can sound a bit esoteric at the beginning, but once the gist is understood, it become very easy.
  2. Thanks! I will try this!
  3. Can you tell me what equal the mug with the standard measurement in US like in cup? LOL..I have no clue what mug to use..:shame: Thxs!
  4. Hello,

    1 mug should be equal to 1,25 cup!
  5. This is very interesting. When I make crepes, I use soda water, but I've never heard of using beer.
    Does it change the flavour very much?
  6. I've never used soda water (I don't even know what that is :sweatdrop:) therefore I can't tell (sorry)
  7. Thanks sooooo much for this recipe!
  8. I haven't used either beer or soda water, just the standard French recipe. What does everyone like to stuff their crepes with? I like strawberries and Chantilly cream.
  9. The flipping scares me....don't know if I could get them thin enough...think I might have to stick to the ones from whole
  10. OMG - love it, will try it this weekend. Love, Love, Love crepes!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. L'Eau Minerale, avec "gas":smile:
  12. My favorite crepe is Nutella and banana...
  13. Thanks for the recipie, kitty! I love crepes..especially with berries and cream.

    kitty, I see you live in Paris! Is french your first language then?
  14. I love crepes! Thanks!
  15. Yes French is my first language :P