French Company Vintage Repair Questions

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  1. My mom has a few LV's that have got to be around 15-20 years old but they are not in great shape and need some repair (mainly the straps & handles). Does LV do any kind of repair on old bags like this for a fee? Thanks!
  2. LV will do the repairs depending on the condition of the bag (at least that is what they told me). They can send it in for an estimate before they repair it. If they think that the bag is beyond repair, they won't do it. Straps and handles should be replaceable but keep in mind that the new vachetta color will not match any of the trim and such. There will be a charge but you can confirm the repair order before they do it.
  3. I have also seen some vintage LVs at my shoe repair shop. Mabye because it's cheaper than LV's repair fees.
  4. If they your mom's LV's were made by the French Company under Vuitton then im pretty sure LV doesnt do repairs for those. You would have to send them to the French Company.:flowers:
  5. Hi all! I am new here and new to LV so please go easy on me. LOL. I was gifted a vintage (80's) Speedy 25. Has the normal wear and tear you'd expect, with cracking along the zipper and the like. The tuck lock is missing, and while I don't consider that a big deal, I wanted it replaced anyway.

    It was made by the French company and has the vintage tag inside.

    I called my local LV store and the gentleman told me that yes, they do repairs. However, I did some research last night and read in a few different links that LV will not repair bags made by the French company.

    Is this true? I don't know enough about LV so I figured I'd ask the experts - you guys.

    Thanks for any info you can give me!!
  6. As far as I know, currently, LV won't repair any of their bags that were made by the French Company because they use parts that are no longer made. In addition, you stated that their was cracking along the zipper; I assume that it's in the canvas. If the canvas is cracked, LV won't take the bag in because to them it's "unsuitable for repair." They can't do anything other than replace the canvas, which will end up costing as much or close to buying a new bag.
  7. Yes, the cracking is in the canvas.

    Thank you VERY much for your reply! I appreciate it! :smile:
  8. A pin holding the strap to my LV bag has come out and I just got the handbag three weeks ago! Can I take it to a LV store and will they fix it??
  9. ^ Definitely ! Your bag comes with a 2 year warranty ! :yes:
  10. Just be aware LV will refuse to repair a product if it has been previously repaired by a non LV repairer

    If a bag needs more than 50% repair to it, it is deemed non repairable

    Good luck with refurbishing your vintages!
  11. I had 6 different vintage pieces that my mother gave me and my SA at the store sent them in and they did a fine job refurbishing them - very pricey but in my opinion very worth it because not only were they vintage, they are sentimental - if they are in really poor shape they will not work on them as napa007 says

    good luck! nothing new will ever compare to a vintage piece if its in good condition
  12. I've recently won on ebay a lovely French Co. petit buckt, it's in awesome condions considering it's age, but it has some scratches at the bottom...i called my LV store asking for reapair...SA was surprised and she ask me "what do you mean for frecnh co?"...i'm speachless...does anyboby know if this kind of vtg stuff can be easily repaired/replaced? Thanks for support!
  13. I had an associate at LV tell me they couldn't repair my French Co speedy 30 Zipper because the bag was fake. I asked for the manager who quickly said she could send it out and if they have the parts since the bag was in great shape otherwise (and not fake of course) they would fix it. 3 weeks, one talon zipper, and 52.00 later she's as good as new. Politely ask to check with a manager, but you will need to bring it in person so they can inspect the condition of the bag (no cracking etc.)
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