French Co.

  1. Hi I was curious does anyone know the connection between French Co. and Louis Vuitton. I see a few items on eBay. thanks :smile:
  2. french co made speedys for the US market (i think thats how it worked but dont quote me on it). french co speedys are made of 2 seperate sections of canvas that join at the bottom
  3. Yeah the French Co. made some of LV's items for the American collection..then in the 1980's, I believe, the Louis Vuitton International Collection was created and the two lines were combined.
  4. If you find one by the French Co, buy it! They are rare. There a few styles that they made.
  5. what did french co make besides the speedy?
  6. They made a lot of things..garment bags, luggage, keycases (4 key holders especially) and much more!
  7. they still sell a speedy shape bag
  8. I couldn't find the speedy shape bag that they used to sell
  9. lilirose, the French Luggage Co. no longer has a license agreement with LV. Therefore, whatever bag was mentioned previously, is not an LV, even if it's shaped like a speedy. Hopes this help clarify.
  10. Thank you for the info, I was referring to a speedy shape bag that they are still selling, it has the same shape but it's not a LV.
  11. Hi ladies..
    Do you know where to take or send the Freach Co. LV bag to authenticate ?

    I have 2 Frech Co. LV bags that were belonged to my mother in law. I took them to LV store in DC and they told me that LV never made this kind of bag. They said LV bag never have the yellow tag like the bag that I showed them. But my husband told me that he took his mom to Neiman Marcus to buy the LV bags long time ago...
    So I am confused and really need to know that they are authentic or not...
    Sorry for my English..
  12. Hi Kattydc, I've owned three French Co. bags over the years, and have some experience with them. Do not worry about their authenticity, in spite of what the SA's said. Keep in mind that many SA's are new to Louis Vuitton and have little to no experience with vintage items. Some SA's also do not consider French Co. LV's as authentic, primarily because they are unfamiliar with the former license agreement between LV and the French Co. Be that as it may, if the bags were purchased at Neiman, they are authentic. I once owned a French Co. overnight bag that had the yellow card and was heatstamped Saks Fifth Ave. I took it to a local Saks a few years ago to have it authenticated. The first SA I spoke with was totally unfamiliar with the bag and stated that LV had never made any such bag; another SA walked up and explained that it was indeed authentic, explaining the license agreement to the other SA. I hopes this helps.:flowers:
  13. You can post pics in the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping section...
  14. ^^^
    Thank you so much ProfessorLV and ADDY.
    I will try to take some pics of them and post it in the AUTH thread... :smile: