French Co. Speedy

  1. looks like the same seller has a 30 available in the french co. for $350....I don't think that's a bad price....I thing the French Co.'s are hard to come by.....
  2. :yahoo: I just did BIN! Happy birthday to me!
  3. Cool! congrats, did you get the 30?
  4. Congrats!
  5. I went for the 25, was looking for a smaller bag.

    So does this mean I have to wait for my birthday in 2 weeks before I can carry her? ;)
  6. congrats! i think that's a very nice looking bag! the handles look great! enjoy your birthday present!!! and no, you don't have to wait.
  7. I've seen these bags around and at first thought they were knock-offs but wondered why they had such a nice patina. Does anyone know how much they were when they first came out?
  8. My mom bought her French Co. speedy in.. 1987 from Neiman Marcus. She never carries it because she thinks people are gonna tell her its a fake!
  9. I don't know how much they were when they first came out, but I do know that some of the older speedys used a different leather that was much more durable and waterproof compared to the speedies now (they're also less likely to have that ugly, dirty vachetta). Actually, a lot of older bags had nice, durable, waterproof leather, which is why I have a penchant for vintage. :heart:
  10. aww congrats!! happy birthday btw. myn was 3 days ago! btw. this is my 100th comment haha. I just joined last month! im sooo addicted
  11. Congrats peach! You're gonna love her when she arrives. :heart:

    I have three of these French Co. Speedys (small, medium and larger size with the keys and working locks) and every so often I'll take them out shopping with me. Sometimes I do get weird looks (is it real?!) because of the darker waterproof leathers they used on these bags but this means they can take a beating! And I love that no one else seems to have these vintage Louis Vuittons. :yes:
  12. Yep, that was definitely a big part of the appeal. I'm very excited to get her.

    I can't believe you have all 3, that's a great collection. :smile:
  13. congrats!
  14. Got the bag today - it is in perfect condition, I can't believe how good. But...

    I'm not loving the handles. The leather is too dark for me. I think I'm going to have to resell it on eBay unless one of the girls at work is interested.

    I'm so disappointed, I was really looking forward to it. I love the lock, I love the leather strip across the bottom, I love the right-side up LV's on both sides, but I can't get past the dark leather. I'm a lighter kind of patina girl.

    Dang. Back to the drawing board.