French Canadians: please help with short text

  1. Hi, Ladies

    My boss needs me to create a small card for her French Canadian clients.

    The card is to warn that the purse clasp has magnets / is magnetic. She wants women with heart pacemakers to be aware of this.

    I found this translation on the web. Is it correct?

    Attention. L'agrafe contient des aimants.

    TIA for your help! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Oui ces bon!

    Yes its correct.

  3. Looks good to me. Or you could say: L'agrafe est aimanté, which is, I think, a bit more natural. But either way they'll get the gist of it. :yes:
  4. Whew!!!

    Thanks for your help, Ladies!!!
  5. I forgot an "e". Should be L'agrafe est aimantée. I just woke up, and my brain's not working properly yet.
  6. ^^ C'est bon!!
  7. J'avais parle francais pendant 15 annees, je dirais son parfait !