french bulldog owners?

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  1. hey girls! are there any french bulldog owners here on tpf?

    i am in the process of talking to a few different breeders at the moment. i live at home with my parents, and we have a 2 year old male min pin. i am not sure how my min pin will react to having a new buddy - should i get a male or female bulldog? can i see some pictures of your frenchies? thanks :biggrin:
  2. I don't have a Frenchy but I absolutely love them! I would love to have one, but for now my hands are tied with 3 pugs.
  3. I don't have a Frenchy either, although one day I would love to have one!!

    I have two American Bulldogs. The oldest is a girl and the other is her half-brother (same sire, different dams).

    I :heart: bulldogs big and small!
  4. One of my best friends got a Frenchie, Stella, a couple years ago, back when she was a single gal still living at home with her parents. She's generally a sweet dog, and I have always wanted a Frenchie since meeting "Stell".

    The one thing that I would suggest is for you to make sure you are aware of their potential health problems since the breed is prone to having them, and are willing to incur the expenses, should a health issue arise. Stella has severe skin allergies, which requires constant trips to the vet.

    The other thing is that her personality has changed since her owner's recently had a baby. She doesn't want any parts of the child, although I think it is more fear than anything else. I think she's also trying to adjust to not being the center of attention aymore.

    Back when she was living at home it got along well with her parent's dog who was a female Beagle, and she currently lives with a cat!

    I have two pictures-- one I took with my cell phone camera a few months ago when I dogsat for her, and the other is from two years ago when I was the maid-of-honor and she was the dog-of-honor at her mommy's wedding!

    She's total cuteness!

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  5. hi
    your min pin is TDF, i would get the same sex as the dog you have, a frenchie would be a god play mate as the second dog you get should be lower energy as the first and a frenchy is definately that!

    my jack russell has min pin in him and im sure with their high excitable character he will love a new friend.

    my next dog would be a frenchy when i have more space.

    good luck and post pics when you get the little darling!
  6. Just as an FYI -- Frenchies are not great with children, especially if the dog is in the home first. The other interesting thing I learned was that they cannot swim.
    I was looking into getting a frenchie, but decided against it since most likely I would have kids when I still had the dog.
  7. ive heard this to but my friend has just had a baby and had a french bulldog before, and he is great, no different!
    personally i think it depends on the dog and how they are brought up! if you curb all aggressive behaviour from day one youll be fine, also you min pin will be the dog in charge and you want to keep it that way, even if you get the new dog, ensure you min pin is the center of your attention, then that way you wont have a problem if you have a baby one day as the dog will be used to being second best!
    its usually dogs that have always been the center of attention that have problems when babys come along, its purely jealousy, also i would advise mixing the frenchy with children from day one to overcome this problem!
  8. Meeeeeee! I have a beautiful Frenchie who is almost 4 years old and the sweetest, most loving little angel ever :love:

    I have never heard that they are bad with children. Mine does have allergies, is fairly common for the breed. I would ask the breeder about the sex issue...I think I remember reading that if you are getting two Frenchies, one neutered male and one spayed female is the best combination. I don't know if that would go for other breeds. I would guess that it might also depend on their personalities and temperments.

    One thing I stress though, is to find a reputable breeder. I did a lot of research and when I found a good breeder, I had to fly across the country to pick up my baby! Start with the French Bulldog Club of America: - there is a huge amount of information on there. Here is the rescue network, if you are inclined to rescue a Frenchie:

    Good luck with your search...dogs are the best :heart:
  9. Here is my frenchie, William!

  10. I also have two boxers but my older one couldn't care less about the other two dogs, LOL!
    Now William and Sammi Boxer are a different story. They are INSEPERABLE!

  11. I would love a french bull dog! I have a wonderful rottweiler who is such a love bug. Actually, he's my family's (my parent's mine and my sister's). I am fixing up an apt and eventually would like to get a little frenchie but I'm just not sure how winston would feel about it. He likes other dogs but he really loves being an only child (dog). If we were a family of 9 he would still not have enough attention. So we'll see. Which breeder did you use for the Frenchie? I am wondering if perhaps the breeder is on my side of the country.
  12. thanks for all your input ladies!
  13. smallfry, i live in new york, and i have found 2 breeders so far that ive been communicating back and forth with - both of which i found on the website.

    queenvictoria2, thanks for sharing your pictures! william is too cute! is he white, or cream colored?

    i am 22, and do not plan on having children anytime soon (i cant even find a stable man to start a relationship with...but thats a whole other issue!), so i mainly just have to worry about introducing the new dog to my min pin.

    so what color pup? i was really set on brindle, but after seeing the pictures of william, that whitish/cream color is growing on me!
  14. Tuff- Did you notice the pictures I posted above? Stella looks similar to William too!

    Since learning more about the breed, I also discovered that I love the blue/blue brindle Frenchies. I think they are rare (or maybe not as desired)... but they are awfully cute too.
  15. i love them in brindelo and like william the sand colour!!