French Bulldog Addition....

  1. DH finally let me get another puppy! :yahoo: We have had him for a few months now and I finally have time to post a few pics of him.

    Anyone familiar with French Bulldogs? I was doing a TON of research on the internet about them. But it seems alot of information is incomplete or contraditory. They are far and few between in my area so there aren't any owners that I have run into.

    That brings the grand total of the pack to 3! :wlae: Any advice on running a household with 3 boys? Things are running smoothly so far but I am always looking for additional input or things I should look out for.

    Dozer is in the first photo and the second photo is of Coby and Loki my American PitBull Terriers. :love:
    dozerstatue.jpg myboys.jpg
  2. I love French Bulldogs. I want one but we don't have enough room for a dog right now. I used to date a guy who had a black and white one named Gizmo. He was so cute (not the ex, the dog :sneaky:). Anyways, it looks liek when we do have enough room, I will lose the battle and my DH and son will win by getting a Golden Lab.
  3. So cute!! :nuts: Your pitbulls are just adorable as well.

    You ask for advice on a house w/3 boys - and all I can say is: play-play-play!! A tired dog is a good dog! :yes:
  4. Oh I LOVE French Bulldogs!!!!! He is a little cutie! We'll need more pictures for sure! :smile: Your other babies look like sweeties as well.

    Dh and I will most likely end up with 3 dogs, and it may be either a French Bulldog or Boston Terrier.

    Congrats on your new puppy!!
  5. Thanks for your comments! :flowers:

    We almost bought a Boston a few years ago. They are so cute and energetic. However, 3 Chi's running around wouldn't be bad either! :graucho:
  6. Aw, your new baby is :love: and your other guys are handsome too. I have a pug, but I've always loved French bulldogs too.
  7. I love love love french bulldogs :biggrin:

    you are so lucky, here in the UK they are also very hard to find, so congrats on your gorgeous little boy
  8. OMG he is so freakin' cute!! Congratulations :love:
  9. Thanks Tammy518, chloe-babe, and butterfliie!

    Pugs are adorable -- something about smooshed faces just warms my heart! Since most people aren't familiar with Frenchies I get asked a lot if he is a Pug or Pug mix.

    Last time I brought him to PetCo a woman in line behind me was trying to convince me to go to "Pug Day" with him. I politely explained to her that he is a French Bulldog and not a Pug. She had a surprised look on her face and then decided to follow me out of the store telling me how "welcome he would be since he must be related to them cause he looks so similiar" :wtf: I couldn't get away from her fast enough!
  10. Oh your doggies are to cute! DH had a French Bulldog when he was younger and loves them. APTs are great too, sad that they have been misused. Love your pics!
  11. I almost got a frenchie but went with a boston instead. The frenchies have great tempermants and are incredibly intelligent so you wont have a hard time training them. He is so cute and congrats on the new addition. There is an episode of the dog whisperer where he vists a lady with 4 suggestion is try watching some of those episodes to get a sense of what to do if there are battles for domaince, aggressive behavior, jealousy, etc. Again, congrats!
  12. Haha! I agree! I'd love to have a heard of them but I don't want to end up a crazy dog lady. :sweatdrop:
  13. Thanks Irishgal and batgirl0711! :flowers:

    I love The Dog Whisperer! One of the best shows for people training. ;)
  14. haha - I am well on my way! Come on now - I don't want to be the only one that ends up with a kennel of pups when I am 60. :nuts:
  15. Haha! heard=herd by the way! lol ...its been a long week of no sleep.

    I'm sure I will! its just a matter of time. Also I'd like to foster dogs once we buy a house. Maybe you and I should invest in a few acres together! haha