French Blue ?

  1. Okay,after looking at this color in this forum i want one too. So my question is where can i get one in a city AR don't have it yet :confused1:
  2. :idea: There's a thread called: And here's my French Blue city...

    Ask her where she got it from. I've seen one at Neiman Marcus but it sold pretty quickly:sweatdrop: . BalNY has it listed in their inventory but I would check w/ them if they still carry it. Plus if you live outside NY or NJ you get no tax (and free shipping) can't beat that!

    Good luck and post pics:drool: ! I'm a proud owner of French Blue also got it from Bal NY last Saturday :yahoo:
  3. I know that Barney's in BH had them a while ago, they probably still have some in stock, you should call them. :smile:
  4. Good luck!! I'm going to MA in Norway tomorrow to look for one, and chek out the spring colours!!!